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Funworld Star
is about Spirit of Freedom
as expressed through our directory and images.
We see the world as the perspective of a modern mind. We do not accept dogmatic or doctrinal views as a solution for the world.
The world in our eyes should be a mosaic of multicultural life and of spirit of genuine freedoms.
There should be a place for everyone in this world.Thus, we support a liberal order of the world.
Religions should not be the whole essence of one's life but only a partial essence. Never give a religion more than 10 percent in your life if you want to be free, happy and independent. If a religion holds 100 percent of your life it turns itself into a monster which suffocates you throughout your life. The example: Iran and other Islamic countries where there is no seperation of religion and state, and the religion rules entirely everybody's life...Ironically, similar situation is in some European countries, such as Poland and Russia, where not all citizen have equall rights...
Let's everyone enjoy life the way he really wants.
Funworld Star is also a fascinating directory of websites and images portraying the full potential for tourists
who want to travel around the world.
Retrospective of travel from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from normal to adventurous...
A list of online travel agencies competing with each other with their best price offers...
All in Funworld Star !
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Thaddeus Hutyra
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Poetry: Flames of Love, Flames of Freedom / Dreamland / Land of Adventure / Ode to Life / Sparks of Freedom / Phantom of the Soul / Freedom Now, Rise like a Phoenix / Guardians of Universe / Tango of Life

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