' Vehicle of Time '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Vehicle of Time
Are you the refugee
of what is happening to me, to us ?
All those miserable conflicts
warlike ideologies
men enmities to men
Abel and Cain alike ?
Which way must we travel ?
Into the past 
or into the future ?
Oh, Vehicle of Time
splendid and shiny
filled with ambers and diamonds !

Vehicle of Time
Is there a borderland
to what we can 
and what we can't ?
No, we can everything
with only right dose
of our determination
borrowed from the divine power
aided by crusade of angels
Oh, Vehicle of Time
We can reach the stars
We can travel even beyond
to the very end
of the cosmic expanses
only to enter new worlds
new universes ...
Some of them
being mirror images
of our own world
and ourselves
We can everything
Thanks God !

Vehicle of Time
Let's take first all those
who are left to die
in the war zones
Let's take all those
who are really
at the End of the Tether
starved nearly to death
You're their redemption
as if stream of light
through the very heart
of a godlike star
You're their Noah's ark
Oh, Vehicle of Time !

How wonderful it must be
to see a different world
some other worlds
and magnificent universes
in all their dimensions
of time and space
All those passages of time
Flying interstellar clouds
All those new planets
we're passing along the way
The new stars
shining brilliantly
How incredible it must feel
storming through 
mysterious black holes
and whatever else
to the new worlds
new universes
and finally some other planet
our new home
or perhaps our own planet
in the distant past
or as distant future
where we all
extend our hands to each other
and express our love
and our respect to each other
We shout
Long live freedom !
Long live liberty !
Long live you and me !
Long live all of us !
We are one and only one
in our diversity 
so various 
as there are many of us
united in our understanding
freedom of the individual
is what matters the most
Oh, Vehicle of Time
you are bringing us
to our destiny
the destiny of our dreams
God's destiny

Don't you miss
this world you left
far behind yourself ?
Those blooming chrysanthemums
fragrant palm trees in Sahara
which are climbing up the sky ?
Those giraffes without giving a loss ?
Those great expanses of space
from the Bird's Eye View ?
Those dancing stars
after drinking wine
in the color of blood
at one or other wild party 
at Oriental Bay in Wellington
and at California's bays ?
Don't you miss
your priceless time
in places where you were born
and which you lived in
for long fruithful years ?
The Colorado skies
godlike Himalayas
New York skydrapers
Yorkshire villages
Amsterdam's aura ?
Don't you miss
your beloved America 
unforgettable New Zealand
Shakespearan Poland ?
All those things
Which are on your mind
Which are in your bloodstream
All your desires and dreams
you'll never forget 
Don't you miss all these ?!
Yes, I sure miss them all
so many of those things
but I am a warrior now
like that spaceship 
which brought me here
to enjoy my new life
Oh, Vehicle of Time 
My skyfall of skyfalls !!
Skyfall ...

' Vehicle of Time ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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