' Star of Liberty '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine
beloved one, the summer sunshine
a virgin on her fragile feet
running across fields
full of fabulous flowers
You're lying on the nature's carpet
and are looking up into the sky
you imagine the universe, 
the invisible, divine one
the celestial philharmony
of the stars shining briliantly
and playing devinely
somewhere there
in the far away universe
the philharmony
to the tunes of all the events
which are happening 
across the universe

And despite the sunshine
torn is your soul
torn is your body
torn is your mind
torn is the reality
in which you live
or perhaps fly
as the eagle does
or swim
the way dolphin is doing this
Torn is your reality
a piece of a mirror
the mirror of a billion of shadows
reflecting the perceptions
of men, women, children
and any other living beings
The subjective reality indeed
Yes, there is yet a reality
for all, the objective one
being as it is, unchanged
for centuries and millennials
across the world
and across the universe
infinite one, godlike one
But you still ask questions
so many of them ...

What about our own world ?
What about the Syrian kids
mistreated with sarin attack
by the Assad's regime
or by the fundamentalist rebels
whoever is at fault?
What about innocents
being executed by hanging
by the mullahs' tyranny
the theocratic regime in Iran
which has transformed
their religion into the devil's tool ?
What about Israelis and Palestinians
never finding a common way
while a new Marshall Plan
and democratic solutions
would be enough
to create a lasting peace?
What about prisoners of conscience
across this troubled world ?
Do we have to be so blind
to their misfortunes ?
Must we allow injustices
to go on unrepentant?
What about the Copts in Egypt ?
What about Christians 
in the Muslim societies?
About all the pogroms
of Christians there?
What about ideologies
squeezing last bastions of freedom
and turning the reality
into a tyrannic one ?
Don't they know
not ideology, not a dogma
but freedom of the individual
is the winning choice ?!
What about men, women, children
at no one's mercy?
What about children in the USA
being murdered by psychopaths
because of a twisted idea
of a gun as a prerequisite of freedom?
How far is yet a way
towards liberty
free of blurred reality
free of fear and prejudices?
Shall we ever enjoy 
the sunshine of liberty
the way as we're getting 
the sunshine from our own Sun ?
Universal, free of charge ?
What about your rights ?
What about my rights ?
What about all of us ?

Clowns are dancing, phantoms singing
royals posing to medias' flashes
tyrants murdering innocents
presidents playing false games
a mosaic of strange features
growing stranger with the passing time
all on the grave
of the planet Earth.
Torn are our souls indeed
torn are our bodies
torn are our minds
torn are our realities
when it all could be 
just normal
just a sunshine
splashed by the star of liberty

' Star of Liberty ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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