My Journey..
by Rose Mary Mckenzie

As I walk this empty, lonely road
Burdened down by this rotting load
Picking up pieces here and there
Many treasures I horded, with out care

I started my journey empty of hand
Memories falling through fingers like sand
Gathering up the good and bad
Times were happy, times were sad

This journey began when I was so young
No place, no sun, I hopelessly clung
No right to be born, my head I hung
The search for meaning earnestly begun

So in agony, the pain I always felt
Hopes and dreams quickly melt
Locked in my prison I did not make
Lord, take me home for heaven sake

My life was a dungeon filled confused doom
I was robber of innocence all to soon
Over night the rose lost it's blushing bloom
A child became a woman, he evilly groomed

A voice was silenced, it wasn't heard
Protected PLEASE, Oh, how absurd
You accuse him, he is such a nice man
I cried alone, rescuing me was not in their plan

Years went bye, I suffered alone
I was a captive in my own home
This life was filled with filth and decay
Then one glorious day, I broke away

I still live with my humiliation and shame
Why do adults make this a shameful game
My heart has healed, but scares remain
I have made peace, but I will never be the same

My journey is approaching it's end
What have I learned? Only this my friend
When starting your journey from cradle to grave
You are all the sum of goodness you've saved

This story is finished, this story is done
I now walk in gratitude, I walk in the Son
Make something wonderful while down here below
Give others kindness, compassion, and love to them bestow..


My Journey..
by Rose Mary Mckenzie
Copyright © Rose Mary Mckenzie
All Rights Reserved.

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