" Dancing Demons "
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Despairing are angels
entrapped by demons
the dancing demons
Demons of war, not peace
bloodsuckers, the vampires
demons of destruction
the devil's demons
the demons of Morsi followers
demons of Muslim Brotherhood
the demons of the mullahs
Khamenei's, Rouhani's demons
of so many other Islamists
wanting it all just for themselves
and nothing, nothing at all
for all the other citizen.

Dawn, just before the sunrise
The sky turns into a mastery
of some everlasting painter
which colours it from a grey
to yellow-orange, a phenomenon
so similar to the evening's aurora
the afterglow of the sunset
hiding itself behind the horizon
Dawn, the weak sunlight
the twilight of illumination
of the sun's thunderous rays
yet to come but already scattering
over the surface of the Earth
neither completely lit
nor completely dark, aureleous.

As if due to enchanted wand
All demons fly up the sky
and then down the Earth
the dancing demons !!
What was already envisioned
by despairing angels
becomes a matter of fact
on the crippled lands
Overwhelming dance of demons
the dancing demons
spreads further and further
Dance filled with sparkling blood
being ejected from the wounds
of those who get caught
by them, the devil's demons
Fractured Egypt is on fire
as much as the Redwood trees
as if God cursed the humankind

The twilight's luminous sky
turns itself rapidly
into the color of blood
And the twilight's Earth
turns itself as much
into the color of blood
The color of the tyrannies
in Egypt and Iran
Jemen and Afghanistan
across the entire Middle East
Torched Coptic Churches
Misformed charred bodies
The landscape of corpses
hanging publicly across Iran
the corpses which used to be
young happy men and women
The tragedy of Syria as well
torn by a regime and Islamists
Never ending dramas of people
who live in the midst of tyrannies
brainwashing them
depicting freedom
disregarding minorities
unwilling to share the power
not letting their nations
to transform themselves
into flourishing democracies

God Almighty, my Goodness
what has happened ?
There is no trace of the sun
coming out of the twilight
and instead there is rain
the rain of blood and only blood
The thrillingly spurting blood
from the tortured people
as well as murdered ones
inflicted on them
by their blood thirsty regimes
imprinted on their souls
and in the very blossoms
of despairing angels
entrapped by demons
the dancing demons

Oh no ! Strange is this world
in which a man disregards a man
Strange is this world
bringing brotherly souls down
Where is Arash Sadeghi ?
Is he still alive ?
Why Hossein Ronaghi Maleki
is not treated despite
being critically ill ?
Why Ali Ahmad Soleiman
a Kurdish political prisoner
is sentenced to death
on false accusations?
Why Iranian prisons
are full of innocent prisoners?
What has happened
with election promises of Rouhani
the new president of Iran?
Is the Iranian nation cheated
yet again, in vivid eyes ?!
Why Pussy Riot is still
imprisoned in Russia
just because of a protest song
in a Moscow's Cathedral ?
Why 600 lashes for Raef Badawi, a Saudi
whose only "crime"
was to be a rights activist
at risk to be beheaded now
for the so called "apostasy"
if no action is taken by the world ?
What about freedom? Liberty ?!

Despairing are angels
entrapped by demons
the dancing demons
All the demons of the tyrants
in the Muslim world
and elsewhere, from Russia
to more than stalinist North Korea
From Saudi Arabia to Iraq
The demons are on their march
more and more bloody one
across the entire world
Is this the end of
the civilization ?
The end of the enlightenment ?
The end of liberty ?
Despairing are angels
entrapped by demons
the dancing demons ...
And only Femen's Marianne
on the French stamps
seems to be the light
out of the dark tunnel
the world is in ...

" Dancing Demons " by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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