The Skyline of Love
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Beauty queen, Emmanuelle
is walking the avenues of Manhattan
the godlike Manhattan
She is filled with a curiosity
of all the things to be seen

She wants to see it all
The Barnes & Noble Booksellers
at the 33 East 17th Street
Hudson River viewed from 187th Street
the street leading also to Hudson Heights
She is enjoying great Bird's eye view
of Rockefeller Plaza
from Rockefeller Center at the 50th Street
the 112th Street East of Broadway
and so many other streets
numbered so strangely but lovely
from the 1st to 100th street
and perhaps a 1000th one
What magnificent skydrapers
of Manhattan, sky reaching !

She is sitting on a bench
in bewitching Central Park
watching children playing happily
and lovers holding their hands
while a lonely saxophonist
plays a celestial music
one which makes all desires
to be fulfilled at an instance

She feels New York is her serenade
a symphony and a dance
She's looking now at the man
who is playing on his saxophone
His music is reaching the sky
in the New York's skyline
as much as all the skydrapers do
She does keep a secret
deep in her wounded heart
and in her blissful thoughts
It's him, the one she loves
the one she'll never leave
despite him being so far away
under the Brussels' skyline

' A cup of coffee, please'
He orders it at a nice cafeteria
in Damraak Square of Amsterdam
A lot of youngsters around him
are chatting, laughing,
kissing each other
having fun the way
young people do it best
filling the cafe charmingly
with their jovial spirits
The stranger is somehow
lost deep in his thoughts

A whisper flies out of his mouth
flirting with every gust of wind
' You are the one, my dear
who is on my mind
every second and all the time
wherever you are
Where are you now, my darling ? '

He reaches with his hand
to his forehead
and it's a feeling
of being lost
of falling and falling
into the abyss of sky
there into the clouds
and far beyond
as if the Earth's gravity
ceased to exist

' Am I lost forever ?
Yes, unless you come back
and catch me
and bring me back
to this cafe I am sitting in '
His miserable whispers
are expression of longing
the many fortepiano's sounds
in the admirable music
of the wind with its gusts

She's walking streets of Hongkong
bright and colourful
with so many neons
the Western neons of the Far East
flashing, like DJ Stage lighting
and marvellous special laser effects
What an illumination
of the third degree, indeed !
She can't it anymore
she just dances in a full swing

She is though a ballerina
masterful in a classic dance
She is dancing thus
on the streets of Hongkong
among speedy cars
and all those neons
remembering her
of the symphony of love
the one of her own
wherever she is

When she has it enough
she just walks
to a seaside filled with boats
which can bring her
from the Hongkong Inland
to the magnificent Kowloon
She chooses though a bench
to sit down and fill her mind
with memories of the one she left
there under the Brussels' skyline

Something strange happens
He is no longer falling
into the blue skies
He is falling now back to Earth
and he sees as if
through a magician's mirror
the future of our planet
gruesome one unfortunately
a planet of the arisen
global temperatures
of biodiversity reduced
in a drastic manner
of the oceans conquering
new pristine lands
and world capitals
New York under water
Bangladesh as much
millions upon millions
of climate refugees

He sees Arctic and Antarctic
are still melting down
one enormous apocalypse
He is falling and falling down
a hopeless skyfall
' Goodbye my love! '
He whispers and it sounds
like a thunder from the sky
He crashes down
with an incredible impact
' Is this the end of Earth's life
or just of my own life ? '
His last thought beams out of his mind
Perhaps yes, perhaps no
He is though still sitting in the cafe
and drinking a luscious coffee
Oh yes, there is though hope

This time she's on Cracow's Square
the largest medieval one
in the whole of Europe
She's walking in a splendid sunshine
among many wonders
the Renaissance Sukiennice
a UNESCO listed Cloth Hall
the Mariacki Church
a Brick Gothic one
built in the early 13th century

Every hour on the half hour
she hears a trumpet signal
called the ' Hejna? mariacki '
The plaintive tune breaks off
in mid-stream, to commemorate
the famous 13th century trumpeter
who was shot in the throat
while sounding the alarm
before the Mongol attack on the city

There are so many pigeons
flying around her
roses and tulips which lit eyes
of the passersbys
and are sold in open air stalls
Everywhere happy faces
people talking to each other
friendly and relaxed
Some playing on their guitars
They must be students
of the Jagiellonian University
The sun beams its rays
from the early morning
to the wondrous tunes
of a celestial orchestra

She sits down in a nearby cafe
on the Cracow's Square, of course
and gives herself fully in
to the love story she is through
of the music from the sky
and her own sweet music
from within her mind
and within her body
Something what feels
like playing on a harp
The music of her feelings
of her dreams and desires
so much intertwined
with the one she loves

The music goes on
the celestial philharmonic
of love and only love
with maddeningly high and low rhythms
accompanied as if with the sounds
of a hundred of electric guitars
She feels she's getting an ecstasy
while surrounded by people
in and round the Cracow's cafeteria
under the heavenly Cracow's sky

She is overwhelmed
by her dreams and desires
in the full blown luminosity
of the sun's celestial rays
till the very moment
she feels some strange shadows
falling on her classic face
and her petite silhouette.
She opens her azure eyes
and bursts with happiness
She springs then up and throws herself
into the arms of a man
standing before her
the man she has always loved
her perpetual lover with a hat

' I have found you, my dear'
He whispers to her ears
and kisses her neck
' Oh, my darling,
I thought you were there
under the Brussels' skyline
How I felt alone without you !
I'm so happy, you found me '
She answers him passionately

They give a long kiss to each other
and all their dreams and desires
all the images from their trips
are flying through their minds
across the immense Universe
and back around Earth
the way superman did it
like a film being reversed
no longer grey but splendidly bright
of thousand and one colours
the colours of love

Their kiss, the kiss of love
is lasting as if forever
and with it, the carousel of love
they are back in New York,
in Hongkong and Amsterdam
and finally here in Cracow
the ancient capital
of the Polish kings
Their kiss, the kiss of love
how adorable it is !

They still feel the whirlwind
while having their lasting kiss
the kiss of love
They're in the Cracow's cinema
enjoying 'Star Trek Into Darkness'
while it's their own Star Trek
into lightness, the lightness of love
The power of love, indeed !
The power especially of their kiss
the kiss of love !

Their whirlwind
the whirlwind of love
still goes on
and so there are no places
they are not in
while they hold on
on their kiss of love
Yes, they are now
in some student clubs
and in a number of
jazzy places of Cracow

They fly high above Cracow
only to descend down
to the Cracow's Square
while their kiss lasts
as if to the infinity
their kiss, the kiss of love !
They hear a song
from a gypsy woman
a song of love
which is skyrocketing
high above the Cracow's Square
while being echoed
by the surrounding
historic buildings
a song being enriched
by a celestial music
the music of love
They dance of course
their beloved tango
the tango of love
while holding on
their kiss, the kiss of love

Their love becomes
a musical concert
of saxophonic jazz
of trumpets choir
and of all instruments
at the philharmonic orchestra
and her celestial concert
of love, forever love
the queen of lovers
Yes, what a choir it is
the choir of muses
playing on their harps
and the choir of angels
the angels of love
There under the Cracow's skyline
and at any other skyline
the skyline of love

' The Skyline of Love ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra , April, 2013
All Rights Reserved.

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