Wheel of Life, God's Wheel
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Born to a saxophone play in one fresh morning of spring
while the music announced to the world I was born
I was hearing a mesmerizing composition The Soul Is Willing,
by Stanley Turrentine, American jazz saxophonist
which engulfed me and my soul for the rest of my childhood
The wonderful spring, one after the other one
did everything to show her beauty off, a magic one
throughout all my years as a growing up child
Any time the spring came, the season of a new life
there were flowering and blooming plants and trees
deciduous magnolias, cherries, and quinces
A blooming Sour Cherry, my preferable of all
beautiful brittlebush flowers, crocuses in the iris family
Unusual and wildly spreading California Gold Fields
as the ones at Antelope Valley and Sacramento
daffodils, cherry blossoms lovely treated by bees
colourful birds and sneezes everywhere one went
mirroring lakes and winding rivers showing off
the fabulous images of spring, the heavenly princess
so fresh as just born kids or anything else just born
So many feathered, multicoloured, singing birds,
the royal sun glowing more and more brightly
dogs barking with excitement, meowing cats
hissing leaves and twigs of tremendous trees
colourful rainbows among them, the philharmonic harps
Tulips, roses, hyacinths and busy golden bees
as well as celestial butterflies of unearthly beauty though earthly
Pleasently nascent warmth, the warmth of spring
approximating heaven and earth to each other,
the joy of life emanating from all sides and all parties
and the extraordinary music of the saxophone
played brilliantly by one or another saxophonist
The spring of a new life or a wake up to life
echoed extraordinary sounds of the saxophone play
in every nook and cranny of a human being and the nature
while our souls flew from one child to the other one
My world, the world of children was so incredibly tiny,
confined only to my parents, my brothers and sisters,
kids in a playground and my closest pals from my school
I didn't need anything else, they were all I needed
What was happening on in the wider world
was not my problem, neither a problem for other kids
It was something concerning my parents and adults.
We were just children, mirthful God's angels
We loved spring, our spring, spring of life
All these to the tunes of a saxophonist's play
echoing the springs I was through with my friends
We didn't know yet our lives were entwined
by a spider's web of fate, threaded by thousands of spiders

Then came the summer of our teenage lives
with all it's splendid, labyrinthine aureole
I was bathing in the rays of the sun, quite often
tramping through mountainous areas the other times
enjoying the glistening summer when alone
as much as when with my friends, adventurers
The sun was beaming at us brightly and feverishly
with thunderous rays of light and heat, piercingly
while we were enjoying ourselves confidently
as much as the youth can only do it, instantly
we were though very much life thirsty teenagers !
The world was ours and only ours ! With all its shine !
We believed our lives were forever, a knockout to devil!
Our bodies were our wonders, so unbelievably strong
Every free time we were dancing to the rhytmic tunes
of the Armin van Buuren's expressive music
only to change it to the trance and techno music
of other Djs, from David Guetta and Tiësto
to Sandern van Doorn, Mondello, Headhunterz
from Climax to Sensation White, and Black
I was once at the Tiësto's magnificient Elements of Life.
How amazing was it! A madness of astounding, frantic dance
of music and wild swirling bodies, and feelings
turned to one and only one, a crushing knockdown
of the teenagers' ecstasy and barrel of laughs
Let the devil take the hindmost ! To the utmost !
We were just dancing, the whole spinning disco night !
Our life was so very different, ever since our childhood.
We were no longer children. We were teenagers.
We didn't want our parents to bother with us all the time.
We wanted to be ourselves regardless of our parents.
We didn't want to be constrained again and again by them
A rebellion was waking up in our hearts, with a thunder
we wanted to participate in the joy of life, our summer of life,
we wanted to see our pals at any time of the day or night,
we wanted to dance and even rage late into the night.
It all was ours, the crazy life. We yelled sweet sixteen!
Growing older we yelled sweet eighteen, then sweet nineteen!
The summer was even more flashy, extreme vivid
the golden and dry sands at the fairy beaches
were touching the billowing tides of the sea
which at the same time were being reached by sky
Fig trees were bearing fruits, the same other trees
in some fabulous countrysides. One could see
a thousand and one of all sorts of fruits
from apples and pears to plums and cherries
green orchards, trees under the weight of fruits,
also blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, anything
all the bewildering riches of the unique summer's nature
What a season was it, the season of extatic enjoyment
The one of a barefoot skiing, surfing, swimming
while leaving behind silvery spatters of water
Parching heat of the sun from the sky seemed never to end
invading us day after day, like a golden mastery fleet
of interstellar invaders of the third degree
Swimmers staying in warm rivers, girls in their bikini bras
old ladies with sunglasses, covered with essential oils
laying on their blankets, sometimes reading books
children diving wild and endless, splashing themselves in water
The smell of summer was overwhelming in the hot air
drinks were being drunk one after another, again and again
and of course trance and techno were heard non stop
the royal music of the young, the united teenagers

Then came hypnotic, splendidly magnificent autumn.
We were already married couples with children or without
with new horizons, new lifestyles, loving each other
to the rhythms of pop, soul or a gorgeous country music
We could hear so often the Red Headed Stranger
of never to be forgotten Willie Hugh Nelson
Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Adele
The autumn wind blew harder, to the rhythms of the songs
and the water in the pond became of a dark, sinister look.
The storks were already flying away to warmer places
what overwhelmed people sometimes with momentary sadness
But despite this the autumn still looked the most beautiful
of all periods of the year, breathlessly picturesque one
The mesmerizing leaves of oak, the yellow beech
birch and other trees turning to all colours of the Universe
only to be falling to form as colourful carpet covering the ground
certainly woven by the heavenly angels, day and night
How delicious was it to walk on this carpet of rustling leaves
dry, breaking, sometimes whispering mysterious words
directly to our ears, the secret whispers of the lovers
The grass matured and begged farmers to mow.
The days were getting colder but were still warm, enjoyable
Often in the morning we could see frosted plants
Wild pets were making supplies for the winter.
squirrels stored nuts and bears' bodies collected more fat.
Birds gathered in flocks and prepared themselves
to fly away to warmer countries, as the storks already did
Country music echoed all these praiseworthy events
while we were sitting on a wooden, mahogany bench
just outside our house. We were kissing each other
saying warm words of love, so transparent but though visible
in our minds, and felt in our pulsating hearts,
held dear in our souls, so indispensable of us
and it went this way to the very end of our lives
We were still seeing some magnificent birds
flying already to the warmer places, closer to the tropic
Our lives were changed so much and we wanted
to be the best parents while having great jobs as well
secure future and our kids to blossom out into statesmen
We did everything to make sure our children
felt comfortable with us, were happy, carefree
we wanted to assure them home even better one
than we ever had. It was simply circulating in our veins
From time to time we allowed ourselves to travel
to remote and exotic countries with our children
Feel like a million, we said to each other then
Our life was organized and nothing could surprise us.
We were confident, interconnected to our community
we knew a rising tide lifts all boats surely our own
as of the other ones. It was though the autumn of our lives!
As evidence of this we heard a country music once again
a fascinating American one, reverberating in our minds
with all the echoes of the great autumn's events, unforgettable !

Spiders were busy with their fabulous cobweb
which almost reached a completion. How stunning was it !
Spring, summer, autumn were already finely threaded
and there was yet winter left to be threaded as wondrously
It just happened to the tunes of various classical music,
Beethoven's Appassionata, Mozart, Chopin, Strauss, Verdi
We were witnessing arrival of winter, the final season
dressed in a white coat from the head to the feet
like a celestial coat of ambers and diamonds, all in white
I could hear Arthur Rubinstein playing Chopin's polonaises on a piano
so much hypnotizing, catching light and not letting it go
keeping it deep in our minds, our hearts and our souls
Was it real or have I dreamt it ? The Rubinstein's play ?
Sometimes, when we looked outside our snowy house
we could see a snowshoe hare hiding itself
between black and white shrubs, for camouflage of course
because its fur turned white during the winter
while it was rusty brown during the summer
Some birds as Cardinals and European Robins were not migrating
staying for the winter as much as squirrels, beavers, skunks,
badgers, raccoons and many more other species
who needed our supportive presence and our care all the time
Few plants bloomed in the winter, but there were some which did
as the flowering plum, which flowered in time for Chinese New Year.
Winter often is associated in our minds as ghastly, darkened
especially at long nights so dark as gates of hell
except when there is a bright silvery moonlighting
we swear then we have seen gates of heaven
How complex is this world, how labyrinthine!
Through how many dimensions must we cross to see
the world we're actually living in, or wanting to live in ?
Sometimes we expect, subconsciously, we're fearing even
that something might happen, something unwelcome
One never knows what might happen, this or the other day
But vale of tears is not ours, we have done enough in our lives
Just enjoy your live, do your best, take it easy and you're the winner!
It was time to retire. We didn't need to work anymore. It was our winter !
Jobs? Business doing? Life duties? Responsibilities?
It was already a task for our children, turned adults in the meantime.
We looked forward to our grandchildren, we handled them
it seemed that even more than their overworked parents.
But this was so welcome, there was nothing better in this world
than to be close to your own family and maintain links with them
especially with your own grandchildren, the fruits of all times
Our family was our life, notably in the winter of our own lives
When they've been asking us what should they learn
we have always answered without a hesitation:
' quitters never win, winners never quit', and we laughed then
They already knew laughter is the best medicine
so they also laughed, long and heartily, so much
the amazed neighbours looked out of their windows

Then the wheel of time was making its turnaround once again
and is doing it always, the way Earth is turning round the sun
giving rise yet again to spring, summer, autumn and winter
and with these seasons also we people and all living creatures
experience our own spring, summer, autumn and winter in our lives
from the time we were born, living fabulous lives
through our teenage years, the adolescent ones
and then our adult lives of sharing family responsibilities
to the last days of our lives, connected with a deep love
to and from the ones we love and who love us
We're all God's image, all the time, through all seasons,
the ones of the nature and the ones of our own
Every new season of our own lives is definitely like
a twin world with its own gravity, an alternative universe
closely intertwined with the other seasons
We're the God's image indeed and as much a wheel
The wheel of life, God's wheel
which is giving it all to us and to the nature with generous hand
the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter
only to go on once again and again, as a wheel, forever
to the God's ultimate wish, the God's wish
And all this happens in a spider's web, finely threaded through our lives
and all the seasons we had lived through
the spring of our childhood, the summer of our teenage lives
the autumn of our final responsibilities and parenthood
and finally the winter of our retired life, quiet, in peace

Oh, glorious spider's web, the God's spider's web !
Oh, the wheel of life, God's wheel !


The wheel of life, God's wheel
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra , May, 2013
All Rights Reserved.

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