‘ Listen to Your Heart ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Why are you staring at me so
why are you so mischievous
enraged at me?

Don’t you know
this is what you came for?
Don't you see
it is unconditional love?

Just laugh 
and swing in my arms
look at the beauty
of the world
starry one !

The night is the promise
magic in the making 
You know it quite good!

Horses in the nearby stud
snort so loud
dogs run wild around
barking at imaginary phantoms
cats climb onto the roofs.

Dear, why are you staring at me so
Don’t you know
this is what you came for!

There are million of reasons
for you and I
to stay together.

Water under the bridge or not
we’re there where we must be 
in our hearts!

Here, O' lover
on the earthly vale of tears
and there, O' lover
where the oceans meet the sky!

Just listen to your heart
crimson heart of yours
the rebel heart.

Dear, we are lovers
in our unconditional love!
Lovers, lovers, rebel lovers!

To sleep without you
I can’t anymore
You and I 
are just one breath
the Lord threw into the air.

Squirrels in the shadow 
of the nearby tree
bald eagle on its top
gazing at the Moon
What it means 
to you and I
say, oh say, do not lie!

There is only one way
to cement our hearts
the rebel hearts
You and I
the symphony of our breath
of every breath of you and I !

Dear, listen to your heart
your pearly diamond
of the worlds
of you and I
and far beyond.

Dear, listen to your heart
watch the eagle
rocketing up the sky
with wide open wings
crowned with the starry rays.

Dear, listen to your heart
your and my heart, rebel heart!
Feel the streams
of our unconditional love
pouring inward and outward
between you and I, O' lover!

‘ Listen to Your Heart ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra December 2016
All Rights Reserved

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