' Junta, the monster, episode 5 '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Malaysia was no longer safe for them 
because blood thirsty Harry Gullivers, Interpol 
and secret services knew where they were
Matter of factly they had to be out of the country
Three days later they were out of the harm’s way
it seemed but yet in another harm’s way
that of the junta in Burma
Yes, they were this time in Burma
called sometimes Myanmar
It was already a fully blown night with starry stars
so they chose a remote countryside place
to get the nightly rest they badly needed

Tadek Vangard woke up with a feeling 
of a lancinating pain he never before felt
Above him stood a number of Burmese soldiers 
who struck him with the butts of their rifles
mercilessly and frienzidly
Only within seconds, he had impression 
his own blood engulfed him and mounted to his head
It was even worse in fact, his blood was everywhere
in his eyes, his mouth, his ears, on his hands 
and surely on the rest of his body, a grissly pool of blood
He was surprised he was still alive
Was it a nightmare or was it a reality ?
Steven Mac Dantosch was not in a better situation
He was surrounded by about thirty other soldiers 
and fought bravely against them, like a lion
employing the best of his martial art and fighting methods
Unfortunately, he was outnumbered 
and the Burmese soldiers often changed themselves

So … while Steven Mac Dantosch 
gradually was loosing his strength 
the Burmese soldiers managed 
to keep their freshness and vitality, their strength
something essential to winning the fight
Finally Steven Mac Dantosch had no other choice 
as to let himself to become overpowered by the soldiers
He was tied up as was already Tadek Vangard 
and they both were put seated next to each other
bound so much that there was not any possibility
for whatever movement of their hands and legs
A moment later one soldier came to them
most probably one of the few who spoke English 
or at least some English
Behind him there stood three other guys 
in the Burmese military uniforms
evidently his military superiors
He had two passports in his hands 
which were earlier taken away 
from Tadek Vangard and Steven Mac Dantosch

- ‘ Why you don’t have the Burmese visas 
in your passports ? ‘ - He asked in poor English
strangely accented 
with high pitched Asian form of pronunciation
Tadek Vangard took a decision to lie
- ‘ I am sorry, we were in Chiang Mai
probably close to the border with Myanmar 
when a group of gangsters kidnapped us
We had to travel with them several days
moving non stop to a number of very strange places
mysterious ones, and therefore, we were not able 
to recognise whether we were still in Thailand 
or already in Myanmar, and even if we could
what then could we do ? Nothing was of our making
We were often blinded, often mistreated
Finally, we managed to escape
yesterday from their camp
I think the gangsters belong 
to the mastermind behind the opium trade
the infamous Khun San
I often heard his name being mentioned 
when the gangsters talked to each other
Believe me, please, we have really 
not wanted to do anything illegal ‘

- ‘ Why, then your companion resisted us 
and tried to fight with us ?
It was a difficult nut to crack
Tadek Vangard hesitated for a moment 
but then went resolutely further on
- ‘ Everyone of you would do the same ‘
- He answered. - ‘ He simply did not know for sure 
whether you really were the soldiers 
or rather the Khun San’s loyal protagonists ‘
- ‘ Are you really Australian ? You don’t seem 
to speak a real Australian English ‘
- ‘ Yes, indeed, I am ‘ - Tadek Vangard answered
but he was bewildered the guy could suspect 
he is not Australian. Did he only guess it ?
He no longer had his Polish passport 
which he had thrown away 
the moment Steven Mac Dantosch 
gave him his forged Australian one
The Polish passport simply had no value to him
to anyone these days
because no country in the world 
recognised Polish passports as travel documents
It was already beginning of 1985 
and the Polish dictator, general Wojciech Jaruzelski
still kept his grip firmly on power in his native country
As far away as December 13th, 1981 
the general proclaimed martial law 
and emergency state in Poland

The soldier turned to his superiors 
and spoke with them for a moment
When he turned again to the prisoners 
his eyes were piercing and decidedly not friendly
- ‘ We think you are spies ‘ - He said matter of factly
It sounded like a death verdict
and it was one in such a country as Myanmar 
ran by brutal military junta
It meant the consequences could only be tragic
Soon afterwards, Steven Mac Dantosch and Tadek Vangard 
found themselves inside one of the military vans 
which seemed to appear out of nowhere
They were seated next to each other
unable to make a slightest movement
It was already night when they arrived in a strange town 
where no living soul could be seen on the streets
It was Rangoon, the capital of Myanmar
a perfect image of the junta

An hour later the military vans 
stopped before a monumental gate 
that opened with a terribly screeching noise 
and all the colonnade went 
onto an enormous prison courtyard with high walls
The soldiers who escorted them 
got off the vans, also off the van 
in which their prisoners were seated
- ‘ Tadek ‘ - A gentle sound 
caught Tadek Vangard’s ears
He did not react. He was overcome 
with the sadness and despair of the moment
He did not emigrate out of communist Poland 
only to find himself in a prison 
of another dictatorial regime. Certainly not for this ! 
God, what irony was it ! 
He emigrated to America
the land of his dreams…land of promise…
Unfortunately, he did not make one step forward…
How life could be twisted, thorny to some people

Instead, he was falling deeper and deeper 
into an abyss like if he had a monumental stone 
fixed to his neck and he were brought by it
still alive, to a bottom of a mysterious lake
The picture of the Baikal lake, one 1,743 m deep 
emerged in his mind
He heard stories of cruelties 
which happened there in the vicinity of that Siberian lake
the deepest lake in the world
Victims of all sorts at the hands 
of Soviet mafias as well as political prisoners 
often ended their lives at the bottom of the lake
- ‘ Tadek ‘ - A familiar sound reached again his ear
He realised it was his friend’s voice
He looked at him with a resigned expression
Steven Mac Dantosch took both of his hands 
out from behind his back…They were untied
My goodness, he managed it
It was now time for action, at least for him

‘ Junta, the monster, episode 5 ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 17/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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