' Across the Galaxies of my Heart '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Across the galaxies of my heart
we’re travelling with the speed of light
you and I, two lovers, rebel lovers
in fully blown rosy love.

My heart is everything you desire
the stars and the planets
palaces to choose from
pianos and harps to play on
a glass of red wine to sip from
then our soft kisses
bringing us to our bed
a love under the starry rays
in the accompaniment
of all the melodies
of my heart.

There is never end to our love story
My heart are the green fields
in the Central Park of NYC
the secret paths for lovers
the car escapades
to lovely countrysides
a picnic under the Sun
a swim in the lake
a fly to nowhere
when we’re kissing
a fly to everywhere in fact
to our overwhelming love
a destination
a complete satisfaction.

There is indeed never end
to our love story
in the millions of shades
one deeply in my heart
you and I
the true lovers
in the living rooms of our heart
having it all
the sweet bed
modern kitchen
windows with a view
of the splendid Atlantic Ocean 
and of Manhattan
and especially
the music of the heartbeat
the greatest ever music
of my heart loving you.

You and me hidden in my heart
filled with emotions
me holding my hand 
on your angelic skin
so gentle 
that it can’t be more gentle 
I can see and feel
all your subtle reactions 
to what I am doing with you
godly essences
royal tastes
ecstatic feelings
Although you are in my heart
you are my princes
I am your man.

Across the galaxies of my heart
we’re both the guardians of the Universe
lovers, rebel lovers
loving each other as no one else does
sipping honey of love
from each other’s mouth
sweetly singing tongues
performing bodies
dancing souls
a carousel on whirlwind 
and a mad locomotive
a love story greater than life
across the galaxies of my heart
and the galaxies of your heart, my babe.

Across the galaxies of my heart
as across the galaxies of NYC
the Freedom Tower
looking like Tower of Babel
and being the grandiose inheritor 
of the original WTC twin towers
Across the galaxies of my heart
as across the Empire State Building 
and Rockefeller Center 
with the bronze statue of Atlas.

Across the galaxies of my heart
the Guggenheim Museum of NYC
the hustle and bustle in Times Square
the Yellow River of the Manhattan style
the wonders of Greenwich Village
and the pounding hearts of our friends.

Across the galaxies of my heart
the final journey 
and a tribute
to the enthralling lady
the Statue of Liberty
crowned in all the symphonic melodies
coming from the NYC skies.


‘ Across the Galaxies of my Heart ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
© Thaddeus Hutyra 24/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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