' God Particle '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


With you my heart is your shiny palace
but without you my heart is my abyss
Perhaps you find someone else
but I won’t find anyone, anymore
for my heart belongs to you, only to you

Imagine we let our sparkling love
to flourish like in the Garden of Eden
We’re dancers of everlasting happiness
letting our lives be filled with the true love
and our hearts bathing in the elixirs of life

Imagine we drop our effervescent love
and let it fall to the lifeless bottom
one of complete oblivion and nothingness
What shall be left then of us
if not just phantom masks of despair ?

I kneel before you with my contrite heart
praying as if before Saint Mary
Don’t leave me please, stay with me
for our lives are destined with us
the orchestra of our loving hearts

Believe me, please, and trust me
my heart is your palace with you
but abyss, only abyss without you
I give you my heart on the tray of love
take it for yourself, be with me, love me

May our hearts, deeply throbbing hearts
never betray us and ring like the bells
May our love remains luminescent
throughout our entire life of living together
'cause our love is our God particle

‘ God Particle ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 28/01/2015 
All Rights Reserved

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