' Destiny '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

They, the jokers, say it is my destiny
living my entire life, doomed one
according to their rules, worthy nothing
No foes, it’s not my life, not life at all
and on the contrary, know it, clowns
a complete monstrosity, foreign to me

I pray nightly under the moonless sky
decorated though with pearly stars
I extend my trembling hands to the Lord
Please, don’t let me live in this agony
filthy environment of not my making
‘cause there’s absolutely nothing I desire

They, the drolls, say arrogantly all the time
- ‘ you’re ours, you’re ours, you’re not free … ‘
- ‘ Dammit ! I’m free ! A soaring eagle ! ‘
I retort with my face distorted with a rage
- ‘ My life is not yours, never ever yours
Go to hell ! You, clowns, my stinking foes ! ‘

How I feel, like a half sleeping satellite
yet still praying under the moonless sky
Effervescent, sparkling stars on the sky
are my flowers and balloons waking me up
and a guidepost showing me the way
of getting out of the labyrinth I am living in

They, the buffoons, say to me, behave
go to the Church with us in the morning
drink whisky with us for a half a day
then return home drunken, a fool like them
and make an abysmal hell of life
to the one you love, your dearest one

No scoffers, not in a million of years
Know it I’ll certainly never ever follow 
your sickening, dirty, so dirty advises
and know it I shall never ever accept
your promises and lies, so devastating
My destiny is certainly not with you !

I still pray under the moonless sky
A funny, little, silver-green frog 
jumps on my knee, then jumps away
Oh, ring, ring to my soul, my Lord
sing, sing, sing in my heart, my Lord
let me be loved, forever loved, my Lord

I run home, kneel before a woman I love
We stay together no matter what, I say
It’s the only way to beat adversity
and clean our destiny away from our foes
I know it my darling I’d be lost without you
‘ cause you’re my love, my only love

Oh, ring, ring to my soul, my Lord
sing, sing, sing in my heart, my Lord
let me be loved, forever loved, my Lord
Oh, ring, ring to my soul, my love
sing, sing, sing in my heart, my love
We’re finally together, thanks to our Lord

' Destiny ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 28/12/2014
All Rights Reserved

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