' Grave Reality '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison

Pieces of light
pierce into my darkness
but shatter upon impact
making my days endless
and my nights silent
no one hears my cries
locked in this metaphorical cage
the darkness consumes 
and devours me
tears I shed, blood
from crimson eyes
A soul broken in the 
worst of ways
no salvation in sight
my inner light has 
faded out of my sight
distance's boundless
wanting to vanish
without a trace
leave this sinister place
that's been drowning me
in nothing but pain
a rage transforming me
I feel it tightening it's
grip on my sanity
a blackness coursing through
my veins, mystifying my mind
slowly driving me insane
my candle is slowly burning out
my hourglass is running out of time
soon I'll be living in the blackness
forever I'll be blind and bound in chains
raging out loud, saturated in bloody rain
the beast will soon break free and 
this place I called home will soon be my grave
In my deepness of my dreams it's angles I see
But the reality is I live with demons

' Grave Reality ' by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights Reserved

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