Torn Apart
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

My thoughts of you are countless
and go as deep as the ocean
My love for you is as long
as the sandy seashore
Not hearing from you for so long
puts my mind in a haze
You captured my all, I'm floating
like clouds in vast blue skies
I fall to my knees and scream out above
The love I feel for you blows my mind
away like the winds on the open plains
My pain is as heavy as a raging storm
my body quivers as I stand in pouring rains
This ominous feeling burns like fire
I'm torn in two and feeling like a fool
I loved you completely, I gave you my all
I took down my wall, once again I take the fall
you blew me off, in a breeze you were gone
now my hearts is in a deep freeze
Soul in turmoil my mind tormented
And I find comfort in the darkness
But alas I know these feelings too shall pass
And like the phoenix
I too shall rise from the ashes
and be born again

by Tammy Katherine Harrison
Copyright ©Tammy Katherine Harrison
All Rights Reserved

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