" Children of Universe "
by Thaddeus Hutyra

A handsome man with a blond shag and a hat in his hands
kneeled in a chapel alongside a busy highway
He looked at enormous image of the Holly Virgin
and having her as a witness he prayed aloud
fervently, with dampened eyes and a drop of tear
expressing his outmost love to a woman he seemed to have lost
Images of all the good times he had with her
swirled through his mind like fast moving winds

‘ I am your hunter of stars, no red lights can stop me
a hunter catching most beautiful, youthful stars
and placing them on a starry necklace, a symbol of love
to shine on your neck looking like that of a ballet swan
a necklace with the emerald alike sparkling cosmic rays
being a symphony of all love we have expressed so far
a theatrical play Romeo and Juliet alike, full of drama
a heavenly comedy as much, with plentiful of carefree laugh

You are my virgin of all times I am falling for
rising like a phoenix any time I think of you
towards the Nevada skies high above the Silver State
disappearing then somewhere there among stars
I am a hunter of stars indeed, my darling, raging on fire
and I shall find you one day and won’t let you go
even if I had to fly through the fiery starry balls
and into the abyss alike Black Hole, risking entrapment

We are children of the Universe, you and me, forever
you a woman, me a man, longing to each other
Perhaps you are gone for now, you my Big Bang
but I don’t believe a second you won’t come back
and I shall see you back coming to me with a lightning
cos we are destined to each other, sooner or later
I believe it and I pray for it, here in this Chapel of God
here, before Face of Our Lady, the most holly of all

It is a quiet calm after the thunderstorm right now
and only rain is sipping still, sounding a beat of music
to the Beethoven's Appassionata in Ohio skies
and I was just dancing in the rain knowing you shall watch
before I came into this Chapel of God to pray
No, there shall never be rivers in the wasteland
but phosphorescent harvest for both of us
cos we are children of Universe in the glory of love

Yes, I am a hunter of the stars for you, my darling
on my starship to the very ends of the Universe
seeking you till I shall find you, with a thunder
gifting you with a necklace and rings of stars, diamond alike
lettin' the nights and days roll like in a ballet musical
The Phantoms of the Ghost shall return to their caves, indeed
Oh, hallelujah, hallelujah, sing the chorus of angels
sing the elegy of a man loving a woman most dear to his heart !!

I am your painter and a photographer with a silver beard
portraying all your angelic charms with my heart
as if you were a woman with a harp and a trumpet in your hand
a violin, a saxophone and a synthesizer at your side
sending sweetest ever music of angelic dimensions
through the masterful 3D canvas of the sky
and catching on the way all the sensual tastes of any witnesses
sending us plentiful kisses and wishes of the best

Come, come back to me, shine like angel you are
shatter me, put me on fire, let me dance the way you love
cos we are really destined to each other, a ballet of love
and you shall realize it sooner or later, our ballet of life
You had ascended thunderously like a fiery phoenix
and you shall descend triumphantly like a phoenix
Together again for all times to come, my darling
cos we are children of Universe, united in sweet love ‘

A tear dropped yet again from his dampened eyes
which he closed momentarily to suppress his emotions
He felt someone came up and kneeled next to him
It felt as if a whirlwind of mysterious air danced a tango
the tango of love he used to dance with the woman he loved
He opened his eyes and could not believe what he saw
his beloved woman alike Holly Virgin was kneeling side by side
and looked at him lovingly, knowing she came home

They kissed passionately each other in a way lovers do
said farewell to Saint Mary in the chapel, the holiest of all
and holding each other heartily entwined in their arms
went outside to a red colored, fiery Lamborghini
They got in and drove up the highway towards Rocky Mountains
and the Colorado skies embracing the mountains
They, the hunters of stars, woven of their love
They, the children of Universe, finally united in love
This time there was a snowy, wintery scenery on the way
Wherever they looked they saw welcoming arms of lady the winter
which finally descended upon the Earth like a fully snowy phoenix

" Children of Universe " by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright©Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved


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