' Dreams Of You '
by Elluisa IStandfor Jesus

With dreams of you holding me tight
Trying to give love another fight
Being safe within your arms
Finally safe from all the harm.

This feeling is so strong
I can't fight it this feeling
There is no way this is wrong
I can feel you and my heart you're stealing

All these strong emotions
How you've caught my heart
Caressing my fears as if it were lotion
Looking forward to this new start.

As I place my hand
Watching things blossom
Like writing in the sand
This feeling is just so awesome.

With dreams of you
I hold you tight
This is too good to be true
Waking to the morning light.

With dreams of falling in love
Our hearts together as one
Fitting together like a glove
No more of being on the run.

For you've captured my dream
You've got my heart
Love flowing like an endless stream
Praying I continue to do my part.


' Dreams Of You ' by Elluisa IStandfor Jesus
© 2013

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