' Anguished Dreams '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison


Every rise of the sun every tic of the clock there is a new memory to unlock
It seems time has stood still all these years, for I look at you and in your eyes
I see my own pain staring back at me in reflected memories, I hear the tormenting
chimes of a familiar voice whispering in my ear lingering like dark clouds in obscure skies
I am nobody
who are you?
are you
nobody too?
ruined forever
Constantly you are on my mind , torturing me everywhere I go
images of you etched in my brain, never did I think I would lose my sanity,
My worst fears arise and take control of my all, consuming my every thought
There is a darkness inside of me and through my darkness
I see eyes staring back at me, pain so deep it's hard to swallow, my insides hallow
I would follow you anywhere to the four corners of the earth and back, if only you had asked
Facing the road ahead I walk a pitch black path darkness my salvation
I try to remain strong, but I long for your touch, your look, your smell, Tell me
how much more torture can my heart sustain, pain has become my constant companion
Almost nightly I wake in anguish by my dreams it seems they are the only place I feel whole
able to find inner peace, you are mine and I am yours, where I can love you freely...
Remembering my dream so vividly and it makes me wonder will they come true
or am I believing in something to real... as if I were deserving
Wanting to rip my heart from my chest and lock it in a box to give to you for safe keeping
after all it always has belonged to you; standing here stunned I try to move
but I can't my body stifled, I'd thought by now I was immune to your effects
Or have I been denying these feelings of hopelessness to long


' Anguished Dreams ' by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights Reserved.

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