A dream

Abundant rain of Spring
the Summer burning heat
rustling golden Autumn
snow-covered Winter
I see them all at once
All at once !

The Sleeping Beauty
in the shower of rain
transforming herself into
awoken, naked angel
under the son's rays
then a fashion model
in splendid colours
of the Autumn's lot
and then Snow White
behind horizon

A magic wand brings me
to a very special place
a mysterious fairyland
There are all of them
rainy, rough Spring
hot, sunny Summer
multicolored Autumn
Winter full of icicles

I really feel myself
as if I were in Manhattan
at lunch time
and in Rio de Janeiro
at the same time
also in Montreal's
scenery of its nature
and on the slopes of
Mont Blanc, skiing recklessly
Everything at the same time
as if vehicle of time
belonged to me

But what I see
is something else
It's simply God's design
The season beauties
transform themselves
into one another
without hesitation
so dimensionally

It's as if lady Gaga
changed herself at once
into thunderous Beyonce
and then the other one
transformed herself
into romantic Celine Dion
only to see then Adele
in all her splendidity
I just hear her singing
“ This is the end
Hold your breath
and count to ten ...”

Oh, wonder of wonders
Oh, God's mastery
By the count ten
I am awoken
in de darkness around me
not really knowing
what season really is now
I walk to my window
and look outside
only to discover her
the beauty
transforming herself so often
But the mystery remains
An unsolved puzzle
Is this one only beauty
or four sisters, the seasons

" A dream "
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra , April 10th, 2013

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