' Earth '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Earth, who are you, Earth
a lady dreaming to be loved
or a man seeking love
or both, multiplied in billions ?

Oh yes, love! Love, love, love ...
amaranthine love ...
Clouds filled with love
over planetary fields
with plenty of butterflies
snowflake beauties
roaring lions, skyrocketing eagles

Earth, who are you, Earth
ruthless men in power
wanting nothing less
but ever growing empires
satisfying their enormous egos ?
Putin alike, with affection
and even lust
to what is not his
and what his must be
Chechnya, Crimea, more and more
Never ending, insatiable appetite
of sickening individuals in power

Earth, who are you, Earth
or what are you, Earth ?
Are you Clash of Civilisations
as the one
between Islamic tyrannies
and the West ?
Why violence and not love
why tyrannic rules
and not lights of enlightenment
which could have been
shining brilliantly across the world
as the shimmering stars
on the nightly firmament of the sky ?!

Earth, who are you, Earth ?
Oh, Earth, who are you, Earth ?!
What are you, Earth ?!

Your languages, my Earth
are byzantine, often encoded
How many notions
codes of behaviour
Clash of Civilisations
Wrath of God
Tower of Babel
Bible, Quran
Cuckoo's Nest, indeed !!

Why 9/11th, why the Boston bombings ?
Why Charlie Hebdo massacre
the assault on freedom of speech ?
Time to deal firmly with Islamism
the ideology worse than communism
The first step
sepearate Islam from state and politics
adopt secular democracies
and Bills of Rights
in order to safeguard human rights 

Oh, Earth, who are you, Earth ?
Earth, who are you, Earth ?!
What are you, Earth ?!

Emotions, emotions, emotions ...
Where does it all bring us to ?!

What languages do we deal with
the languages of love
or vice versa, of hatred ?

Why the acts of enmity
are winning over common sense ?

Are we all doomed
to ending where we came from
on the planet of apes ?!

Earth, who are you, Earth ?
Oh, who are you, Earth
what are you, Earth ?!

Never ending echo
with no answer
Who are you, Earth ...
who are you, Earth ...
who are you, Earth ...
Putin alike or rather Obama alike ?
McCain alike or Rouhani alike ?
Angelina Jolie, Angela Merkel alike
Or just billions of people damned by fate ?

Earth, Earth, Earth, who are you, Earth !!
so much evanescent
splashed in the kisses
of the distant stars
as if you were
the most beautiful woman ever
born as Aphrodite
from the sea foam

Yes, why not to let love
to rule the world
Love, the elixir of all elixirs
Love, the reflection of goodness
and endless passion
Love, the rebel hearts of ours
Love, our starry souls connecting us to God

Earth, Earth, Earth, who are you, Earth !!
Oh, Earth, who are you, Earth ...
Who are you, Earth …
… who are you, Earth ...
Earth, Earth, Earth !! …
Are you going to end
as a planet of apes ?

Is there a chance for a breakthrough ?
For civilisational progress
ending all miseries ?
For lights of enlightenment
to flourish ?
For liberty winning hearts
in every corner of the world ?
For every single individual
to enjoy his human rights ?

Why are there so many tyrannies
spreading like mushrooms after a rain
all over the globe ?
Why Islamism, the so called IS Caliphate ?
Why never ending bloodshed, apocalypse ?
Why does it all still happen
now, in the new millennium ?

Earth, Earth, Earth ...
what is your destiny, what is your fate ?
What about the global warming
rising oceans, the threat to millions
temperatures going up
less and less drinkable water
finally perhaps apocalypse ?! …

Shall the lights of enlightenment
will be gone long time
before giving way
to dark tunnels
with eroded ground
hellish temperatures?

Numerous solutions
are needed right now
from counteracting
the global warming
to making sure
your resources, dear Earth
are being used wisely

No reaping you, Earth
no poisoning you
no CO2 emissions
no massive deforestation
especially in the rainforests

Earth, who are you, Earth ?
Oh, who are you, Earth
what are you, Earth ?!

World must end 'dirty' fuel use
World must cut polution levels
World must make a U-turn
to avoid a tipping point
beyond which there is no return
to what it used to be

It is the last call ...
Oh, Earth, Earth, beloved Earth !


plagues continue
to spread worldwide
rising temperatures
topling previous records
rising sea and ocean levels
becoming unmatched threats
plagues upon plagues, upon plagues ...
And on the top of all of these
the ever rising Clash of Civilisations ...
No, I am Charlie, we are Charlie !!

Oh, Earth, Earth, Earth
is this your end ?

Your end, end, end …


' Earth ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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