' Reeling in the Universe '
by R.J. Panizza


As we stare into the night sky to see the
Times passages directly into the future's
Endless gaze

There in lies a definite bewilderment from
Hence we shall then proceed

To look to the very distant final end
We then can see how it all begun through
The biased present haze

The due courses of the ages we come to notice
How it came to its creation

The construction of Man kind's dreams to
Build from every essence of matter existing
The same through out the stars brilliant maze

Mysteries to ever again be unraveled
The questions of the past, present, future and
Continuous re-creation to be had forever on

Where it all begins
How will it all shall end

The importance of it all is inexorably

But, the only true relevancy of our days
Really belongs in our present means of these –
Our times


' Reeling in the Universe '
by R.J. Panizza
Copyright © R.J. Panizza
All Rights reserved

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