' Realized Romance '
by Richard J. Panizza


Two souls in the dark
Making love

A captured passion play of romance
Preordained to be from the start

They lye in bed holding, caressing
Each other

Two souls separate but, binding as

Reaching the wanted desire of
Ecstasy of endless love captured
In timeless eternity

They built the rooted base
Imbedded preliticated structures

The retainance of love ever requited
In their expected intimate romance

But, the structure of stability was soon
Found to be in disarray and

They felt their romance fading out of

They discovered their love was on
Nothing but, precarious ground

The reality of their bond was now
Realized to break in waste and

Their once romance of undaunted
Love was now cast away

Their once mutual love as two as one
Eventually rendered it self to the
Inevitable most unequal state

The foundation of their reverent
Romance revealed to its honest
Being that of infatuation

One played the subservient role
Never to realize independence
Within a realized personage

The imbalanced beguiled role of one
Whomever is in demand of the
Placated perennial pull

The other in the state of the ever

Rendered dominion proclaimed by
Authority's dictate and exploited

The imbalance is that an infinite love
Can ever not realize infinities
Lasting sustain

Two lovers by desires dictate no longer
Making love in the dark

Instead are two souls captured
Imprisoned in an irreconcilable
Passion play

To know not ratification but, instead
Personal loss

To never reach the real romance of
The time invested mutual validation

' Realized Romance ' by Richard J. Panizza
Copyright © by Richard J. Panizza
All Rights reserved

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