' Ashes '
By Ken Blick

Goodbye heart so sweet
I forgot, it never got to beat.
Angels were crying
and their Halos turned into Horns.
What was once taught
we now turn into reform,
Like a coming storm.
Outcast on the otherside,
it would be simple just to lie.
But I'm just that other guy,
and thats the reason why. .
If I wake up from this dream
I'm having here.
Don't deny me the pleasure,
just hand me another beer.
Reality is not something I need near.
The demons worm into my soul I guess,
feasting hungrily on my unpious flesh.
Devouring all that I am,
leaving scraps,
no more a man. .
Fire burns,
I'm reduced to ash.
No soul lives through that fiery blast.
Once was life is now no more,
garbage on a soiled floor.

' Ashes ' By Ken Blick
Copyright © Ken Blick
All Rights Reserved.

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