' Hyena in the prairie '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

She has gone away
without saying one word
with no manners
not even ' good bye '

Deeply wounded 
I thought
whom have I lived with ?
Haven't I lived
with a woman
supposed to be charming
at all times ?

Have I lived instead
with some wild hyena ?
Well, if this was the case
then she left me 
for some wild prairies
even if her penthouse
was on the top
of a New York's skyscraper

She was a woman
who enjoyed enterprise
all the events
staged by DJs
Armin van Buuren
was her favorite one

I had impression
she was in love in him
platonic, of course
since he was only idol 
for so many other ladies

She loved to dance
and when she danced
all the devils around her
went crazy, assisting her
with vibratory body movements
for long hours

I just watched her
dancing and swinging
her blouse already wet
all the guys around
were drinking her greedily
with their eyes
expressing lust
hot, hot, hot lust

She danced 
even more rhythmically
with energy one didn't know
where she got it from
perhaps from those
male eyes full of lust
and those male mouths
licking their lips
while watching her
She danced and danced
without the end
and the devils did the same
united with her
to the tunes of the DJ

But one day 
when she was gone
with no a word of explanation
she was nothing more 
in my mind
than a hyena at a prairie

I have found
another woman
a complete opposite of her
gentle and loving
sharing her time 
with me 
with utmost pleasure

We were a couple
united in our love
the love reaching the stars
shining brightly 
in the nightly sky

One day I heard a knock
on the door of my penthouse
There stood before me
the woman who once left me
without a word
my hyena, the forgotten one

This time
the tables were turned around
It was me now
who did not wish 
to talk to her

Yet I asked
out of gentlemanly manner
what she was seeking
at my place
' I want to come back
to you ' - She said
' No ' - I answered her
' I no longer love you
please go. '
I watched her yet a moment
walking to the lift
the woman I used to love
now only a hyena in the prairie


' Hyena in the prairie ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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