' Devil's Advocate '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Am I devil's advocate
when I say I love you ?
Are you my diamond
in the rough
failing to fight back
for the flames of love ?
Why do you dine on ashes
instead of focusing on
what's dear to both of us ?
Don't you know
labour of love
is not only
about your own pleasures
but essentially
about wellbeing
of both of us ?
Don't make last straw
out of our life, please
Just say you love me
the way I am
nothing else is important
or just say
you don't love me anymore
and leave

Our life could have been
larger than life
but to your doing
and let's agree
to my doing as well
we're caricatures
of everything
what means
failure of love
You pretend you love me
but you don't
The same can be said
about me, sure of it
We have found ourselves
at the crossroads
a darkened tunnel
with no exit
or it seems so
I think I bluffed
my apologies therefore
You need to see the light
the real truth behind it
We don't love each other
no longer, not anymore
Let's stop then playing fools
and laugh up our sleeves
we can't afford anymore
to make laughing stock
out of each other
Don't you think so ?!

Let's lay a glove on
to our stupid overtures
in which we pretend
we're just air to each other
empty space to walk through
rubbish to throw away
in the rubbish bin
Yes, I know
you don't love me
any longer, anymore
and you know
I don't love you too
Why then pretending
we love each other
when it's not the case ?
There are no flames of love left
between you and me
no roses of love around
only blood stained thorns
thorns of what used to be
our love forever
I lay it all on the table
so we can rethink
our positions
You can no longer say
I have left you
in the dark
No, you know it all
I'm no longer
the devil's advocate
We can no longer afford
to let the dust settle

You might say
I'm mad as a cut snake
but do you honestly think
it is so ? Do you think so ?
What I am saying to you
is not pie in the sky
it's a solution to both of us
Let's end this mockery
of love which isn't love
Let's say ' good bye '
to each other
and go on ahead
with rebuilding our lives
Perhaps one day
both, you and me
will fall in love again
on our different paths
and reborn, we shall
discover all the new
flames of love
flavors of love
lightnings of love
ecstasies of love
Why then wait ?
Let's go ahead
change the fortunes
of life
and of everything else
what's the consequence
and I can assure you
your life won't be
vale of tears
but the splendid new world
full of new adventures
sky high
You're a beautiful woman
and I'm sure
You shall find someone
you'll fall in love

You see I'm no longer
the devil's advocate
I call the things
by the name
the way they are
And I agree I failed
to make your life
a path filled
with diamonds and ambers
on a sunshine road
towards stars
the stars of love
I'm sure you shall get yet
what you deserve
what you desire
I keep my fingers crossed
for you
to leave this darkness
back to the lightness
the lightness of love
You are free to go, bye, bye ...

No, I'm no longer
the devil's advocate, indeed

' Devil's Advocate ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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