' Thy Depths '
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

The dark, drips
like slime and cocoons
the corners of my mind
From deep inside
my conscious screams;
I hate what I have become 
I think...
I speak...
Let the words fall 
from my mouth 
and let me touch you
with them
Let me penetrate 
your being bearing torches
my soul soars
trying to find light,
dancing auras in moonlit skies
my heart 
heavy as grey clouds
hovering in a looming haze
feeling like
life has been thrown
from my body
mangled in pieces
my soul detonates
beyond this plane
to a vast spectrum 
rendering me in two
and I am consumed
by scorched dreams
and this life
its slipping through my hands
as I stare into the heavens
I tighten my grip
around doubts throat
without doubts and fear
stream forth the truth
truth is lies
when all we hold
is steeped in bubbling acid
as my dreams
suspend farther out of reach
from deep inside
are conscious screams
like freshly painted intentions
that flake and chip
with molten convictions
that scorch through
like bleeding flames
Even now
the outer layer of trust
separates from its foundation
and soft spoken love
is silenced
as walls thunder 
and come crashing down
as I step closer
your eyes betray a perpetual void
Beating anvil minds is futile
beating anvil minds is
beating anvil minds... 
hammer blow rings in my ears
as the plume dings
laden with discontent
I fall horizontal 
on the dead ghost ship of the night
But it is I who Captains this ship
I am determined to crash
through the waves
of my emotional intelligence
“Is this really all I've got?" I ask
even my echo's curious too

' Thy Depths ' by Tammy Katherine Harrison
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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