' Gentleman in Dreamland '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Living in the grain of apple
and much deeper
inside the Higgs boson, 
the devine particle ...
Oh, God's decadency !
Marvel of all marvels !
What a splendid world it is
in this super micro world !
What a discovery
yet once again
with a touch of divinity
The Face of God, indeed !

I am a perpetual traveller
thirsty of magics adventurer
one traveling with an ease
within marvelous Higgs boson
and one traveling as much
within the expanses 
of interstellar space
all the way 
to the outerst Universe
even into the mirror alike
parallel worlds
That's who I am !

There are no red lights
within my mind
and within my desires
It's an evergreen road
with green only lights
The road lined with roses' petals
and interspersed with the stars
No, believe it or not, I am not 
after drinking French cognac
neither Scotch whisky
nor Jack Daniel's or Johnnie Walker
not even after a glass of Smirnoff

Yet I am asking myself questions
the way as everyone else is doing
from time to time
Who am I, I, a man
one of soulful beings
on all those paths
lined with petals of a paradise
the earthly and the heavenly ?
One walking in the snow-white clouds
alongside the flying planes ?

Who am I 
a man reaching stars
while no man yet
set foot on Mars
the mysteriuos red planet
who knows perhaps full of life
in the distant past ?
Who am I
chatting with poets of all times
having with them a walk
alongside New York's pathways
Aucklands' Papatoa Bay
Hong Kong's Kowloon
while sitting in my study room
listening to news
eating Ben and Jerry's ?
Who am I ?
Don't I have a right
to being who I am ?!
Must I follow
the so called analytical schools
fill myself with empiricisms
disdainful of soulfulness ?

The candle on the table
sends her vibrating phlox
to another candle standing next
which on her turn does the same
sparking a chain reaction
of flames being lit
among all the candles
A thousand of candles, indeed
which are now glimmering
like the stars
in the deepness
of the phantom's night
while the window is wide open
and the curtains fly
into the sky it seems, a skyfall
in the stream of the incoming wind
which is blowing at the candles
but incapable to snuff them out

Dance the wind !
Dance the candles !
Dance the world !
It's the evening of dance !
Mesmerising, unforgettable !
What an opera it is
of all those songs out musicals
Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion
Pavarotti, You Two and Adele
Leonardo Cohen, the Beatles
Abba, Bonney M, Aerosmith
The stairway to the Heavens!

Who am I ?
A lonely gentleman
walking in the streets of Paris
a stranger in Kathmandu
a lover in the Hoek van Holland
Englishman in New York
one enjoying the world
in all its dimensions
Who am I ?
Sitting in a fabulous
zoological garden
and treated gently by
the rain of roses' petals
of tulips' velvet petals 
and petals of other flowers
of flakes off trees, of their leaves
which are having their last say
in the wilderness of the wind 
braided like a plait
with the rays of the Sun
The Face of God, indeed !
Oh, the petals' rain
and the Sun's tremendous beams
the wind and everlasting love
what else do I need ?
What else one does need ?

Who am I ?
Living in the grain of apple
which I have just consumed
Swimming in the chocolate's pulp
which I delight myself with
Who am I ?
One so soulful, desiring
as the filharmonical sounds
filling the life-giving air
with the angels' chorus 
As the music of the night
the night of the phantom
phantom of the opera, indeed
which is playing on the keys
of the heaven's piano
the piano of the stars.
The piano in which
each of its keys
is a star, the truest star
of the mystical night
the night seeded with stars
The shiny, shining magical stars

' Gentleman in Dreamland ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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