' Whose knees '
by Byron Case

Written by Byron Case, innocent man behind bars for life:

Whose knees

Whose knees are these
that ache and crackle when I stand to greet the morning
head count - a squinting face, glinting badge, through half-
inch Lexan glass - seven forty on the dot? Thirty some
years' use like sixty; a cartilaginous tear fifteen
calendars back. The prison doctor tut-tuts my twelve
spent treading concrete in inadequate footwear.
Too much strain, not enough exercise.
Indolence is my hobby. It's true,
I bind myself together now with words.
The cost of life: a writerly stoop,
once perfect hands loosing luster,
crepitus creeping on, and, of all things, it's this I choose
to bemoan, this daily grind of passed and passing time.

' Whose knees ' by Byron Case
Byron Case. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Byron Case is an imprisoned writer and poet from Kansas City, Missouri, unjustly serving two life sentences for a murder he did not commit. 
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He is the author of The Pariah’s Syntax (redbat books, 2013).http://www.redbatbooks.com/ #!pariahbook/cw1c

Byron’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in an array of periodicals, including J Journal, Alimentum, Rockhurst Review, Meridian, I Love Bad Movies, and Hyperlexia Journal. He also contributed essays to the best-selling anthologies The Moment (Harper Perennial, 2012) and Requiem for a Paper Bag (Fireside, 2009). An eternal projectoholic, he is currently searching for a publisher for his memoir about ostracism and the dark side of Asperger’s syndrome, while simultaneously writing a collection of interweaving stories about survivors of a civilization-ending zombie pandemic.



The online petition in support of Byron’s immediate release from prison
http:// www.thepetitionsite.com/1/ free-byron-case/

The Skeptical Juror and the Trial of Byron Case, by J. Bennett Allen
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