'A Rose Upon The Pillow'
by Ryan Christiano

I lie here
In the stillness
Next to you
As light falls 
Upon your face

Your hair billows 
Upon a pillow
Rose petals
Upon the bed

Sometimes I watch you
Painted in celestial hues
Wondering if I can prove 
How much I love you 

One December day
I found my way
Darkness at bay
Longing to say

This love 
I believe in
Not for a season
Or for one reason 
But until the end of time 

There will come a night
When everything is right
On bended knee
Beneath starlight
Will you love me 

You're all I see
My heart is free
Will you be mine
For all of time 

If I were to die
I'd be just fine
No need to cry
Closing my eyes
For the last time
Because you were mine

In whispered silence 
I find solace 
In the promise
Of your love 

Life is a circle
With an end 
That only love transcends 

I love you
Until the end of time 

- 'A Rose Upon The Pillow' 

Ryan Christiano. Copyright 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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