' The Dying Song '
by Ryan Christiano

Living for the anger
Living for the pain
Living for the rain
Waiting till tomorrow
To ever be the same 

Living for the gain
Living for the fame
Living for the hope 
Hanging by a rope

Living for the light
Living for the night
Love at first sight
It felt so right

Here me now
Never ask me how
But I may bow
But never break
For anyone's sake 
Because I am 

Living for the dawn
Not another pawn
Living for the past
Gone in a flash

When the summer ends
And the chill sets in
I will be just fine 
Without you by my side 
Shattered pride
My ephemeral bride 

Now you see 
What you did to me 
You don't even care
This is my dying prayer 
Living for the sun
As you turn around and run

Heart breaking 
Soul shaking 
Courage quaking 
Faith taking 

Left here crying
Living for dying 
Lost in your lying
And constant conniving 

Deception is perception 
Succumbing to apprehension 
Forgetting to mention 
Despite the best intentions
Destined all along
For this dying song

- 'The Dying Song' by Ryan Christiano
Copyright © Ryan Christiano
All Rights Reserved.

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