' Staying Strong '
by Rose Mary Mckenzie

Precious soul's winged their way to heaven

The day the towers fell

What's happening,no one could tell

Death came, that fateful New York day

Planes flew into the towers

what happened, we would say

Looking at the carnage, we were in disbelief

Trying to find the answers we all tried to seek

Heart beating so fiercely, our tears started to fall

Dear Lord, help us, and on His name we called


Oh, dear Lord, another plane found it mark

Flying in to the other tower it took it toll

Death had found them, again, it took their souls

Now we need to be strong, resolved, and bold


There were others who bravely lost their lives

Firemen, police, sons, daughters, husbands and wives

Who could do such a evil, devilish thing

So many heart breaking questions still remain..


There were other plains that took their aim

The Pentagon, and the Pennsylvania grassy plain

Passengers on fatal  flight of 93

who's call was shouted for you and me

Let's roll, was their battle cry

pain in their hearts, bravery in their souls

God smiled on them, this I know


It's has been twelve since that painful day

We  remember those souls and humbly  pray

Bless the families of those who have died

Give them love, strength from their country with pride

The dust is gone, some building rebuilt

Why did this have to happen we have such guilt

To honor their memories of those who are gone

Resolve in our selves to live  to the fullest and go on


To those who flew the planes, you have met your fate

You have sealed your doom, your souls God will take

Hell is your new home, you will swim in your fiery lake

We are stronger now, resolve for freedom we will make


We pledge our alliance to our flag, our country you shall see

GOD has our backs from deserts, mountain and shinny sea

No, we will never forget this day that lives in infamy

You tried to take our world from us, but you didn't succeed

We are here for ever, we will fight together against you all

Arm in arm, heart to heart, we are standing and will never, ever fall

' Staying Strong ' by Rose Mary Mckenzie
Copyright © Rose Mary Mckenzie
All Rights Reserved.

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