' In The Dying Light '
by Ryan Christiano

The glistening lights
Of eternal night
Our youth is old
Or so I've been told

The dying cry
Of a thousand hopes
Washed away rhymes 
Across the tides of time

We met in the cathedral 
You looked so regal
More saint than sinner
No sign of cold cruel winter

Moonlit gleam
In our tower of dreams 
Shimmering souls 
In luminescent mist
Sensual sounds
Heaven bound

I trace
Your chiseled face
With my lips
Taking sips
Of boundless bliss

House of Mirrors
Flickering fears
Pallid reflections
Silent tears

Ghost of twilight 
Surrender to night
The Tower of Babel fell
As discordant bells
Pealed your death knell 

What was magic 
Turns tragic
The starry night grows so cold
You're just a name etched in stone 
Now I'm left all alone 

Phosphorescent falls flow through the void 
Emptiness where once there was joy
Whispering winds weep
Secrets still to keep

Your widow walks away
As swamp oak trees sway
Mourning a man
Neither of us knew
You two shared a name
I share her pain

This place 
I dwell
Is a prison cell
Of glass and illusion 

I trace your name etched in stone
The truth lives in me alone
I gently caress my stomach
Hush little baby
Don't say a word
White rose placed upon your name
Mourning the sinner
Of this dying winter 

- 'In The Dying Light' by Ryan Christiano
Copyright © Ryan Christiano
All Rights Reserved.

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