Broken Wings
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

She fell from the heavens down to this world
Grasping a broken harp
Beautiful white wings now darkest black
Music was a part of her…
Heaven not wanting her anymore
This silence is an endless dream,
Solitude made real in her,
Any trace of warmth in her soul now not there
This Fallen angel, who lost her grace
crying so desperately in the pouring rain
Will you love her under this familiar moon
Under the endless starry sky…
She yearns to fly…
But her broken wings chain her to this earth
Can you free her– with your love
Maybe then her wings will be whole again…
A Fallen angel,
Broken in the worst of ways…
Living in darkest days...
Just listen - don't open your eyes…
She's your fallen angel,
And she cries, so painfully…
She spreads her broken wings, but
Bloody feathers reflect a tainted soul…
She has been alone for many years
Would you ever want to dry her tears…
this fallen angel,
Broken in the worst of ways…
She now lives with her worst fears
please, open your eyes… can you see
She's your fallen angel,
the one you desperately prayed for... now,
she cries, so silently…
she cries, wordlessly…
And she sacrificed her all for you
she heard your plea for love
and fell from the heavens for you


' Broken Wings ' by Tammy Katherine Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Harrison
All Rights Reserved.

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