'Rhapsody of a Starman '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Although I am a starman and am catching the stars
what can I do for you the troubled people of Earth?

The great people of Iran are crying in the imposing Tehran's streets
What don't you see there! The Sea of Green, the Persian Awakening
All struggling against the chains of the Islamic theocratic tyranny
Phenomenal Persian angels are appearing in ghostly Evin Prison
which is nicknamed the "Evin University", due to the enormous number
of brilliant intellectuals that the infamous prison houses
Syrian people are crying in the inhuman bloodbath of Aleppo
and elsewhere in Syria, a slaughter house of innocents, of children!
The people of Egypt are crying in the heroic Tahrir Square
and around their proud country of the ancient pharaohs
Was their struggle for nothing? Now that Muslim Brootherhood
got the power and are turning Egypt once again into a tyranny ?
People of China are crying, as then so now and forever
on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square impressive protests
of 1989, the protests which are already a startling history
but never to be forgotten, never ever ! For God's sake !
That crackdown of June 4th, on the Tiananmen Square
will forever be known as the June 4 Massacre, the masacre of the Devil!
The Deng Xiao Ping's and his generals' assault on unarmed students!!
Monstrous troops with assault rifles and tanks inflicted then
thousands of bloody casualties on defenceless civilians
who tried to block the military’s advance on Tiananmen Square
the heart of Beijing, in the early hours of June the 4th
A river of blood was flowing in the streets of Bejing
the blood of the innocent students who yet a day earlier believed
they could change China to a better place, one of liberties
They were treated instead with a masacre, their lives were crashed down
instantly, in the twilight of a cold morning, ghostly as if vampires
invaded them from nowhere, blood thirsty, ripping their bodies aside
The Tiananmen Goddess of Liberty was first to be crashed down
her white marble features soaked blood, the blood of the students
Students the heroes of Tiananmen! Never to be forgotten, indeed!
Crying are people in Turkey, the protesters in Taksim Square of Istanbul
in Ankara and other towns struggling for the precious freedom
as the one known elsewhere in the nearby continental Europe
They are strugling above all for returning to the great Atatürk's legacy
of strict separation of Islam from the state affairs and politics
They know Erdogan and his Islamic party did a terrible assault
on the Attaturk's legacy and on all liberty loving people in Turkey
No more Erdogan's playing a fool with the nation, not any more!
It is often said, at home or in a cafe, a fool at 40 is a fool forever
but nearly all Muslim countries seem to be fools for centuries
Why holding on Shariah which is chaining people? Why not the civilian law?
The wheezing wind is blowing like echo to all corners of the world
with a warning Shariah is though a death sentence to all minorities !
Under Shariah you can't be a convert to another religion, not Baha'i, not Christian
you can't be a non-believer, you can't be a gay or a lesbian,
you can't demand secular elections, you simply can't anything
Your life is a perpetual vicious circle or even worse, circles upon circles.
You're falling down and up in all those circles, the circles without a gravity
You're completely lost in their labyrinths and there is no end to be seen
Just falling down and up, falling and falling, endlessly, beyond hope
This can't any more! No Shariah, please! Let's stop this contagious virus !!
Clouds are flying through the extended palms of my hands
and seas and oceans flow deep into my body, bathing me so much
Wondrous birds are flying through my eyes which are gates
the gates to the infinite Universe, deep in my body and my soul, and beyond
Yes, I am also crying with all those people. My crying is a rain at first
and then a raging storm turning itself into a disastrous hurricane

Crying are people in Europe under the skies of the admirable Alps
in their so much white snowy environment, as much as in the Tatras
on the top of Gerlach, Rysy, Kasprowy Wierch, Tatrzanska Lomnica
Crying are people in Europe despite widespread freedoms and prosperity
Crying are people in America as well, throughout so many terror acts
and the frequent gun tragedies at schools and on student campuses
The devastating WTC attack on 9/11, the Boston attack amongst others
We're learning the U.S. government invoked some security measures
via the so called PRISM a classified top secret spy program allowing
National Security Agency to spy on Americans and foreigners alongside
and condoning a widespread NSA surveillance of all Americans, in order
to counteract against terror and to protect American citizen from harm
Something what US citizen find anti constitutional, sort of a new Watergate
thwarting everything what civil libertarians and privacy advocates are for
Are they right to do so ? Is there not any other way to defend us
from the rising terrorist threats, from their Octopussy's arms?
Something is strange, definitely strange, indeed ! What's then wrong ?
Sensationally we're learning about so called whistleblowers
First Bradley Manning, then Edward Snowden ... How many yet ?
Snowden says: " I don't want to live in a world where there's no privacy
and therefore no room for intellectual exploration and creativity. "
He went as far with his comment as to say: "I'm willing to sacrifice
all of that because I can't in good conscience allow the U.S. government
to destroy privacy, Internet freedom and basic liberties for people
around the world with this massive surveillance machine
they're secretly building." And so ... he has to hide now abroad
away from his girlfriend and friends, away from beloved America.
Oh, yes, and he said also this: " Manning was a classic whistleblower
He was inspired by the public good." Sentimental or treacherous ?
What has happened to our liberties ? Why so much discontent ?
My mind is still a whirlwind of frantic tornados and hurricanes
throughout entire free world, the last bastion of liberty's chances
I have clearly impression the world is at the crossroads
Can anyone tell me what happened people of Europe and America are crying?
Unemployed and imprisoned in fishing nets of the demons ?
Crying are people in Russia,freed of communism but chained by a new regime
of Putin and his FSB, a grievous tyranny of men of ruthless power
Pussy Riot imprisoned in badly known, sickening gulag of Siberia
So many other political prisoners sharing the same fate, for nothing
What happened to you, Russia ? Will you ever join the democratic family ?
My body is rapidly melting, never ending volcanic lava furrows riverbeds
of the strange new rivers of crystalline gold, red, crimson and purple
in which anything what's alive gives the last breath and ceases to exist
Crying are people in Poland, the country of magnificent Solidarity
but also of the Smolensk tragedy, the Smolensk schizophrenia
of Putin's and FSB making, similarly as so many other cases abroad
There in Smolensk not only the Polish president Lech Kaczynski died
in a catastrophe of a Polish presidential plane with other dignitaries
but also the cream of Polish officers much earlier during the II World War
murdered by the Soviet NKWD, with a shot at the back of one's head
Was it Putin's revenge what have happened to Lech Kaczynski
and other Polish officials, a hundred of Polish parliamentarians ?
The Polish president Lech Kaczynski had organised anti Russian coalition
in support of Georgia and her president Mikhail Saakashvilli
Has he paid for this with his life, he and a hundred of other politicians
there in Smolensk, on the cloudy day of the anniversary of Katyn ?
The whole world is crying because of the lack of liberty, the jewel
and of the regimes which don't relinquish their iron fists, the fists of death
The whole Earth is crying due to repulsive crimes against humanity
and against the planet itself, the planet of a last chance
no longer evergreen but decaying, due to the global warming
alarming decrease of biodiversity, of killing the African elephants for ivory
I'm transforming myself into a Statue of Liberty, the one for everyone
' Enough of crying, stand up and fight back for your liberties ! '
A powerful voice within me cries out like a thunderbolt from the sky
the thunderbolt of thousands of stars, a fireworks of celestial stars

Do I live yet, do I breath? I feel the breeze of the wind and the rustle
of the trees somewhere far away beyond anything what I am able to see.
What a byzantine challenge ! Can we make it ? We, the warriors ?
It looks the world is a sort of a horrendous clash of the civilisations
which are pretending they and only they are right
but are they right when the world is on a fire? A destructive one ?
How long can we hold our boats on the seas of fire engulfing the world?
How many of us will survive besides the modern Noah's Arc ?
Some Islamic regimes continue with their brutal, relentless Shariah
and are enforcing their so called 'God's law', without asking for consent
The tyrannies never chosen in elections, using God as a tool to enslave
the whole nations and to rule ruthlessly, with no regard to human rights
No woman no man can live any other way than what is prescribed in
by their tyrannies, merciless, throwing lots of innocents in the prisons
Torturing them without a reason, raping sadistically both men and women
executing them by hanging, beheading, stoning, whatever other way
with or without the so called Shariah court, the ghostly face of death
Thanks God though America and the free world are standing on guard
for the individual's freedoms, his ability to live the way he wants, in peace
without being harassed for by anyone. Lovingly, with his family
God bless America for this, God bless the free world
Yes, I'm sure I choose the individual and not any tyranny!
I extend my hand to him and let him fly far above any system
which wants to chain him and keep him in a gruesome cave
as if back in the Neanderthals' times, the times of horror
Let's never forget we're having now twenty first century
we must go back to the future and not back to the past
We must change ourselves, every single human being
and open our arms widely towards the light and sunshine of liberty
And towards the gates, so many gates of the Universe
Towards the stars welcoming us sincerely with their arms of sunshine
But we must never forget those who are less fortunate
still being chained by their dictators, ruthless and inhuman
Let's break the chains away, let's bring down the regimes
let's allow men and women to regain their humanity
let's tell every single human being you're the top of the world
you're the one who as anyone else can keep the star in your hand
and enjoy liberty, the liberty which should belong to each of us
the God's liberty, given to us free of interpretation, just as you like
Yes, I am a fresh pair of eyes, as much as you are. Don't back thus down
and fight for what you want and what you desire
for your freedom, your greatest treasure
She, your freedom, is a pearl. Don't drop her because if she falls
into a deep cave, into a river or down the mountain you stand on
how do you then recover her ? Your pearl, your freedom?
And what if the demons catch her and throw her somewhere else ?
Into the Redwood Groves,Amazonia,Siberia,one doesn't know where else?
Never give her away to anyone, not to a governmental agent
not to a cleric, not even to your little child
She's yours and yours only, like your own soul
like your own mind and your own heart
She's not a twilight, she's a sunshine. She, your freedom !
If you are a lost ball in the high weeds
just stick to your freedom, your pearl !
The one who is also your emerald and a diamond
your glistening sunshine, a lifestyle full of happiness
and your destiny which doesn't have to be labyrinthine
Stick to her, to your freedom and don't let her go away from you
because you have only one of her like your soul and your heart
so precious, forever with you and for you. Your freedom, your pearl !

I am lying on the stone next to a quiet river, glimmering in the sun
so peaceful, a sleeping beauty but one, a clever bitch a witch
which does everything to destroy you with floods
when the storm comes from the nearby North Sea
assisted by the Atlantic Ocean, the vampire of the storms
For a moment I feel as if I were hit with a powerful blow
under the silvery moonlight strings of the night
by a mysterious but horrific assailant with eyes filled with blood
Hide people away when the two strike at you !
I am lying on the stone in the splendid sunshine
beaming at me like a stream of wonderfully refreshing water
in my silvery shower, a display of crystal particles falling on me
This delightful stream, the stream from the sun
is so much more powerful, a starlight stream of rays
the starlight from our sun, our awesome life giver
a mother and a father at the same time, till the last our days
I am lying on the stone and I am still extending my hand to the sun
My goodness, I'm cathing the sun, fully in the palm of my hand !
What a miracle ! The rays from the sun are entering now
into my whole body, making me lighter and lighter
and letting me to rise above the ground while I am still lying
this time not on the stone but fully in the splendid air
I am still swallowing the sparkling sun's rays, greedily
with my mouth, my palm and my body, insistently
as if I were some insatiable beast swallowing them all the way
to my body and my mind, without any consideration for others
I am lying in the air and feel my body is an amazing cosmos
the Universe as we know and far beyond, to the unknown
of millions of dimensions, beyond anything what Einstein had envisioned
How many worlds there are in my Universe ? How many interstallar ships ?
How many stars as our own sun ? I feel I am becoming a starman
But though all those worlds, all the individuals living within those worlds
know one thing for sure it's freedom one needs, the jewel of all jewels
The jewel of a man, of a woman, of a child. God's jewel
Freedom to be oneself, without hiding one's identity
Freedom, the bottom of anything what's cosmic in all those worlds
of the entire Universe in its millions of superb, fascinating dimensions
How sweet it is to travel through all cosmic dimensions of the Universe
and welcome each other with appreciation of who one is
not forcing one to do things the way one doesn't accept
No, there is no place for any ideology in the vast Universe
certainly not for any dictators, not for any tyranny !
Not for fables made into doctrines and used by dictators
Everyone is free to live the way one wants, a rhapsody of liberty
Freedom is the bottom of a brilliant cobweb, the cobweb of the Universe
Freedom, the central star among the stars of the Universe
the one cherished by all, one being in the hearts of all
throughout any part of the gorgeous Universe, a marvellous one
Freedom, the sweetest nectar, as sweet if not sweeter
than the never-to-be-forgotten nectars of erotic spasms of love
Freedom, the fruit as well of hardest hardship to ensure one deserves it
We all need to stand on guard and make sure freedom is to stay forever
the way as the Universe does it, the blossoming flower of infinity

Look at the planet Earth from the perspective of the far away Universe
Who is she or what is she? Just a point, an insignificant point
in the infinite cobweb of the Universe
How can we then understand all those so called ideological enmities
and even worse, the wars inside that small point of the Universe?
Is this simply not funny or tragic in another word ? Ironical enough ?
I am looking at that point while seating in my cosmic ship, the starship
so little point, a grain of cosmic sand, exactly this and nothing more
and I can't believe those inhabitants there in that little, grainy point
are mistreating each other for things which are worth nothing
I, the starman in my starship, am calling to you, Earthmen
Let's change the world in a heartbeat
Let's bring love to all of us in a heartbeat, of course
Let's accept liberties in a heartbeat.
Let's turn the world towards something better in a heartbeat!
So we can become a worthy part of the Universe
Just look as I do, at that small point at the end of the Universe
So insignificant ! This is our Earth, she, the grain of cosmic sand !
Do you see it all ? How dubious are our problems? Our conflicts?
And how maddening are the systems based on dictatorships?
How crazy are all those rejections of the libertarian notions?
And finally how insignificant is everything what is happening
on our Earth, the grain and only grain of cosmic sand ?!
As viewed from my place, from the far away Universe ?!
Nothing but a little point, although a fiery ball of our own making
destroying itself faster than anyone could ever envision
A fiery ball of destruction. The destruction for nothing, nothing at all !
If you can save just one precious thing out of that fiery ball
what do you choose then ? What if not glorious liberty ?!
And caring for our planet and everything what's on her, of course ?!
Take your decision fast now, in a heartbeat. Choose freedom
the one which is a string of light connecting you with the Universe
The time is now, now and only now. In a heartbeat ! Your liberty !!

I am a starman in my starship, flying through the infinite Universe
never loosing Earth, the grainy point of the cosmic sand, out of my sight
And although I am a starman and am catching stars across the Universe
I'm sharing the destiny of all men and women living on Earth
the planet I was born on, a planet among infinite number of other planets
the planet of the last chance despite being only a grain of the cosmic sand
the sand of the Universe ...

' Rhapsody of a Starman ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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