A Song In The Night
by Rose Mary Mckenzie


On this day, I walked God's path way
Amazed at the blueness of the sky
Butterfly and fluffy clouds whimsically floating by
Poppies in a field of gold, just waiting to unfold
Peddles soft and silk so easily crushed
Hold it lovely, with a Masters gentle touch

The day slips into soft shadows
Evening is closing the day fast
Nature will rest, it has come to past
We rest from the fun of our day
Thank you Father this I pray

Then in the stillness of the night
I heard a melody of heavenly delight
A song about blessings and love
Sent from the Creator above

They like angles with songs so sweet
I listened for a while, then rose to my feet
My eyes wet, for it's beauty I did wept
You may ask, why did you cry?
I shook my head, and happily sighed
I felt His heart on that beautiful starry night

As the we lifted their voices to heaven
I lifted my hands and praised His name
Knowing my life could never be the same
I couldn't help it, so I began to sing
It lasted into the late hours,
Feeling the Lords holy power
I was resting in God arms so tight
Touching the face of God this night

As I looked up the Redwood trees
I saw their branches waving in the breeze
It was like they were worshiping their Creator, if you please
Filled with His spirit, I fell on my knees
Will do this always, till time on this earth will cease..
This is my peace I will always keep

Copyright © by Rose Mary Mckenzie
All Rights Reserved.

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