Gods Aroma
by Rose Mary Mckenzie

Have you ever felt the breath of God?
The sweetness of His aroma
I have...
I've walked in the beauty
I've felt the sun on my face
Melted in the love of His grace
This place...
In the ancient groves
Trees of Redwood
Come, go with me
Walk down the path
What do you see?
Trees so tall, if you looked up
You would most assuredly fall
Oh, take a deep whiff
Of what does it consist?
In the meadow, in the midst
I love the air, I love the bliss
Smell the fragrance of the woods
Take it all in, nothing missed
Redwoods, ferns waving in the air
And you know, God, the Creator is there

Gods Aroma
by Rose Mary Mckenzie
Copyright © Rose Mary Mckenzie
All Rights Reserved.

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