Romeo & Juliet
by Thaddeus Hutyra

This is a tragic but magic story
of Romeo & Juliet, the lovers
Romeo the day, Juliet the night

Romeo was saying to Juliet
Goodbye my love, goodbye
His coat was brilliant, sparkling
filled with shiny and pearly rays
from the sun, so much effervescent
sweet as honey, spicy as chilli
awarding with life, the gift of life
But what was under the coat
not of his wish, not of his doing
was something else, thrilling
gruesome, scary, of a twilight zone
ideological Sodomy and Gomorry
despots hanging their oponents
Islamists beheading Christian converts
women degraded on all fronts
by unwilling patriarhic systems
the West being squeezed out
by barbarians of the modern times
as much as the Roman Empire
which was brought down, fallen down
by swords and with no mercy
The lustrous world was turning
into one of dizzying but cut roses
and blood being sucked out of them
while the hideous vampires feasted
Our politicians were saying us
they wanted to save this civilisation
but what a civilisation they had in mind?
And was it possible when Amazon rainforest
and California's Emerald Triangle
and anything else, were on fire ?
When the life bringing golden bees
were starving while fed by pesticides
of which we knew they were killing fields?
Then Romeo, the staggering wizard
has turned his coat to the other side
and the world suddenly was filled
with roaring huricanes and tornadoes
and stormy rains sweeping aside
every frantic fire on the road
from repulsively loathsome events
Yet the vicious madness went on
reaching even the Wilson 3D guns
called ironically the Liberators
How could Romeo stop this madness?
For what a wasteful Goliath price?
What would the Great Gatsby say?
And how many times, precious ones
Romeo's anger reached the heavens
with a power to pull them down
and crash this world, once and forever?!
But despite his labyrinthine problems
he just stopped rain so many times
and let the sun shine for long hours
while a splash of arisen rainbows
were in the colours of gay banners
Romeo, the resplendent prince
in the rain flowing in streams
and the gorgeous glare of the sun
while his splendid royal coat
coverd him from his neck to his feet

Juliet was saying to Romeo
Goodbye my love, goodbye
Her coat was as brilliant, as noble
full of grand, shining and glistening stars
shimmering to the very ends of the Universe
with rays of light and golden strings
A coat of diamonds and emeralds
and lovers sleeping under its roof
the roof of divinely twinkling stars
glimmering, gleaming and blinking
so much transparent and translucent
giving a view of all the secrets
of what's deeper and deeper in the space
and even bearing a witness to
what had happened million light years ago
perhaps not the very Big Bang
but short afterwards, at the times
life was born, the life of the Universe
A spectacular view of all the stars
the galaxies, the interstellar ways
The ones of the dreams of the unknown
fulfilled or not, ecstatic, full of drama
through the expanses of the entire cosmos
intertwined garland of the galaxies
the Milky Way and Sombrero one
Andromeda, Virgo Cluster, Alfa Omega
The Triangulum, Whirpool Galaxy
Omega Nebula, the Spindle Galaxy
M1, M73 and the ones far beyond
Juliet, the fabulous virgin of dreams
the way little children dream
in their sweetest and deepest sleep
and the way women dream while in love
soulfully shining in the deepest deepnees
She, an archangel of the Universe
A dreamer, the Goddess of Olympus
so much different from her Romeo
the one plagued with atrocious events
and facing down the Earth's plagues
more often than he ever desired
And how could they ever be together?
How could they live together?
Bathing in their intertwined happiness?
He in his splendid coat of the sun's rays
and she in her majestic coat of stars ?

Romeo and Juliet were saying to each other
Goodbye my love, goodbye
Both of them were happy and sad
at the same moment, torn by despair
unwilling to understand
why the fate, their fate
was so unfortunate to them
They kissed each other, passionately
but the tears could not be hidden
Their hearts, their souls were hurt
The world and the Universe as much
Beethoven's music spread, and Mozart's
Hamlet was watching them from his throne
as much as so many other people
in their arms, throughout centuries
while filled with effervescent love
the love never to be ended, never ever!
Romeo and Juliet founded their coats
on each others shoulders, gently, with care
the coats, woven with threads of silky light
They whispered fond words to each other
and fell dazzled but sad at the same time
He and she, Romeo and Juliet
' The fate, my darling
is not the one we desire '
Romeo said to Juliet
' Yes, my dear, you're right
Our destiny is to live apart
Away from each other, forever '
Juliet answered the one she loved
but tears of despair ran down her face
tears from a squeezed star
of which nothing else was left
as only interstellar dust
' No, Juliet, my love
we can always meet
the way as now, secretly
in the shadows of the twilights '
They held their hands
the way lovers do, dearly and fervently
and even pulled each other
lovingly to themselves
Their coats mingled with each other
twingled in a splendid whirlwind
and mixed the sun with the stars
like in a mixer full of a juice
the juice from the sun and the stars
an elixir, elixir of life !
They danced tango in a close embrace
one of cosmic proportions, delightful
This was just for a swift moment
but enough to cause alarm to sound
and ring shrilly up to the high heavens
Instantly, the Romeo's coat of the sun's rays
and Juliet's coat full of brilliant stars
had to be pulled out of each other
Unlike in the Shakespearean's story
this Romeo and Juliet, the lovers
couldn't bring upon the end
the boundless lives, their lives
and love, their only, which was forever
as anything they themselves were for
He and she, Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra , May, 2013
All Rights Reserved.

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