' Tribute to Liberty '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Like a Steller's Sea Eagle, 
on the top of Mount Victoria
a bird of prey, a chaser
one with a heavy head
spooky beak, broad wings
I embrace with my eyes
Wellington, it's bays
and the endless Pacific
which is crowning 
this capital of New Zealand
What I see as if in a dream
is a reflection mirroring
what is most precious
to me, something as if 
my other me and my soul
and the other world, the better one
Me and the world
no longer in the shadows
glistening, flickering, blinking
I can see in this reflection
the Amazon Rainforest
the Arctic and Antarctica
the oceans, seas, rivers
the people of the world
and the local people
happy Wellingtonians
in their Windy Wellington !
How can one be down-hearted
looking at all these ?
And I see something else
what I desire the most
Liberty, of course !
Liberty, a Southern Star
of all stars, on Earth and sky
Liberty, the one of 
glass, silver and gold
fixed with ambers and diamonds
Liberty, a magic flower
holding elixirs of eternity
one, of people's breath of life
of desires and yearnings
one, letting everyone 
to feel safe and free, at home
one free of ideologies
and shortcoming systems
free of any twilights
which might break one's life
one's destiny and one's freedoms
Thank you, my queen liberty !

Like a Crowned Eagle 
one with hooked beak
on the top of Mount Rysy
in the Tatras of the Carpathians
A martial eagle with
white and black outer wings
and aerodynamic feathers
nestling itself on high cliffs
I'm overlooking Gerlach
and other mountains
Sea Eye and Black lakes
just south of Zakopane
Once again what I see
is a reflection mirroring
liberty, so dear to my heart
one splashed in the sun
and the shadowy ridges
among the many cliffs
I see the reflection
especially in the lakes
on both, the Polish
and the Slovakian side
The lakes which mirror
plenty of dimensions
which are a playground
between the golden rays
from the sun
and the silvery ones 
from the ground
There were times
when the world 
was locked in a wooden box
and covered by drabbet
for long decades
or even centuries
Forgotten, damned
Oh, liberty, here on this lands
you struggled for centuries
to win over tyrannies
and with a shout
'Solidarity, Solidarity'
You won, my queen liberty !

Like a Golden Eagle
on the top of the Mtatsminda Mount
one of golden-brown coloration
and one which can glide quickly 
at up to 130 kilometers per hour
and can reach 240 kilometers per hour 
when diving after prey
I embrace Tbilisi with my eyes
and see shockingly nice sights
of the town down there
The Liberty Square , the Old City
and so much more
while above me
there is the TV Tower
which is shining at night
with thousand and one lights
What I see down there
in the city and around
is a mirrored reflection
of liberty, the pegasus
Children playing happily
adults enjoying outdoor
talking people, smiling faces
the peaceful environments
Yes, this is in Georgia
a country of dramas
since the ancient times
dominated by Roman Empire
Turks, Iranians, Russians, 
the Soviet Union later on
and finally free, launched
as if from a rocket launcher
to the independence
Oh liberty, my queen !

Like and White-tailed Eagle
on the top of Mount Everest
with the largest wingspan 
among any other eagles
and a large thick beak
alert and farsighted
I look round at spectacular
sky reaching mountains
and I see a reflection mirroring 
the most peaceful empire ever
the Himalayas !
I see there, in that mirror
yet something else
the Tower of Babel
travellers, globetrotters
backpackers, other people
flying and changing planes
to Rio de Janeiro, Warsaw,
Berlin, Cracow, Brussels
Paris, Roma, London
finally to New York, 
its Manhattan
and the Statue of Liberty
with her message 
to the world
a message of freedom
human rights
dignity of men and women
I rub my eyes to be sure
it's not a dream, it's real
I look thus again and again
at the mountains around
at their white coats of snow
and their transparent icicles
What I see in their crown
is not only the Tower of Babel
but also a shiny statue
the Statue of Liberty
in all her splendour
with magic fireworks
the fireworks of freedom
Oh long live, liberty !

' Tribute to Liberty '
by Thaddeus Hutyra , April, 2013
e-mail: tadekhutyra@hotmail.com
 Copyright © Thaddeus T. Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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