by Thaddeus Hutyra

Where love is shrouded
by spring's freshness
summer's hotness
autumn's eroticism
winter’s let’s do it all again!

The symphony!

-’See, my love
how peaceful it is 
round all these towns
with skyscrapers 
reaching the skies
and villages 
with meadows
bringing delightful feelings
to one’s mind!

-O’ yes, my dear
you are part of it all!

Where doubts 
come up to light.

-I saw you yesterday 
hand in hand with a gentleman

-O’ yes, have you?
Well, that’s my brother!

-I did not know
you have a brother!

Where first cracks
appear in idyllic life so far.

- You are narrow minded
I no longer understand you!

-O’ yes, you think so?
I don’t think you are open minded!

More heated quarrel.

-What do you want from I?

-Just peace, my dear!

-Dear, dear, dear…
You better say, you the witch!

-And you the wizard, the shit!

Where the end
is on the horizon.

-I hate you, go!

- You think I love you? 
You go, it’s my place!

- Your place? O’ no!
It is as much mine as yours!

- Well, let’s go to the court!

-Let’s go! I hate you!

Where the end 
becomes the fact.

- Say goodbye, that's what's on my mind
So… goodbye!

-Bye bye, I hope never ever
to see you again!

What nobody ever expected.
The war, atomic bombs
the mushroom shaped cloud
on the nearby horizon.

-O’ Lord, what has happened?!
We’re doomed! O’ no!

- Come here to I, my love
let’s hold our hands!

- O’ yes, my dear 
I fear so much
What apocalypse!

Last gasps follow.

Then… both just swept 
by the nuclear wind
in a lightning's moment.

But the Universe
by its ultimate beauty
remains indifferent.

It was their annihilation
not ours!

Cosmic symphony
is the starship.

There was once life
on a blue planet
called Earth.

'Absolutum' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra March 2017 
All Rights Reserved

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