‘ Love is Eternity ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Staring towards the nightly stars
trying one’s best
to imagine what’s in there
so many alien civilisations
perhaps even AI ones
that long before
stripped themselves
of their biological forms
but there was a time
they were like you and I. 

Ah, where the oceans 
meet the blue sky
where the horizons
of our thoughts and dreams
encounter the future
there in love and the Universe
there we are !

What civilisational level
could we represent 
in comparison to cosmic aliens?
Certainly we are just type zero
when it comes to the power
of getting energy from the stars.

Not yet a stellar culture
while they might already be
long behind a galactic culture
on the threshold of a universal one
or even so called multiverse one
enabling them crossing
from dimension to dimension
and even universe to universe.

Ah, where the oceans 
meet the blue sky
frontiers of cosmos
are wide open !

Have you ever thought
that out there in the Universe
there are civilisations 
building sort of Asgardia
we are just thinking about
so large as entire planet
alike our own Earth ?
Or perhaps they are building
so called alien megastructure
enveloping one of the stars ?

The most advanced aliens
can possibly be capable
to subordinate entire galaxies
to their wishes and desires
Dyson sphere megastructures
collecting energy from the stars
multiplied gloriously n-times.

Ah, dear, love is eternity
Come, see me and never leave
for the world is our home
the Universe our fate
the multiverse it all !

Perhaps one day, my dear
it all what there will be
will be our consciousness
stripped of our left behind bodies
You and I in the parallel worlds
of the spellbound multiverse !

Come, my dear, come to me
let me take you into my arms
yet again hold you tight
to remember forever
what we used to be
and say goodbye to it all.

You and I shall be the final
who and what we can be
you and I, the consciousness
free to live the new way
and travel across the Universe
across the multiverse !

Ah, bye, bye the past
of our shortcomings, limitations
bye, bye what used to be
We are now on a challenge trip
called the infiniteness
nothing really can beat us
for we have got godly structure
and are conquering the multiverse.

Ah, let yourself 
be carried away, my dear
to the eternity of you and I
for this eternity
is our final destiny.

Ah, where the oceans 
meet the blue sky
there we are, forevermore !

‘ Love is Eternity ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra November 2016
All Rights Reserved

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