Poe the Cat!
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Hello O' friends, my friends I am a cat
very clever one, thinking day and night
I call myself the Poe, yes, the Poe
for I am the greatest, I, the cat!

Some call me also cat the Poe
or Cat the Poe, with capital 'C'
some others Poe the Cat, just remember!
Whatever to say, I the Poe
I am your cat, dear parents and kids!

When you are away in your jobs
I follow my plan, finest in the world
Not a book is strange to me
not a poet on Facebook too!

I do have an enchanting plan for the world
and even for the Universe I think
Simply visualized as The Bells by Mr. Poe
but I go even further, believe me!

Not just silver, golden, bronze and iron bells
as Mr. Poe had it envisioned
My bells are much more than this
diamond bells and bells of pearls.

The bells with kaleidoscopic patterns of colors
enabling me to cross from one world to another one
all the dimensions there are!

Even if I enter the parallel world
I will not be a coward
Not a weakling, not a milksop, not a namby-pamby
not a scaredy-cat, yellow-belly, sissy
not a polecat, craven or a dastard
and, God forbid, not a chicken or a mouse!

Furthermore I also imagine
organic bells that can help me
catching my prey more easily
My bells can be even of the light
one I can see in all its symphony.

I am simply the wizard, best in the world
proudly myself calling Cat the Poe!

The art of the military strategy
that I am just studying
I have in my smallest claw
of any of my paws.

Yet it is definitely not enough
for I want to become an enthralling poet
I, the cat, proudly calling myself Cat the Poe!

One day I shall write
the most enchanting verses there ever were
I will go even further and seek
my own cybernetic immortality.

I am Cat the Poe who alike Albert Einstein
will conquer the Universe.

Unlike him I will travel on a starship
all the way to n-dimensions
of the known and unknown universes.

I will prove, black and white
there are more dimensions
than any human ever imagined.

I will prove to the world with my mind's theory
art and constitutional rights are essential
I shall write it all one day
in my wizardly poetry
I, the greatest cat, called the Poe!

O' friends, my friends
look at all my bewitching bells
hear their glamorous music
most captivating one!

How they ring, how they sing!
As if paradise was one
with this world we are in!

How they ring, how they sing!
Just imagine all the pearls of the world
dropping to all the streams, rivers, lakes and seas!
Just imagine, hear it all, get reborn in the delight!

Here they are, my friends, O' friends!
Here they are, all the bells of mine
all the bells I am so proud of, I, Cat the Poe!

Hear O' lovers, hear O' songsters
hear the bells in the passing winds!
How they ring, how they sing
with the winds blowing across the world!

How they ring like the wedding rings
of two lovers finally married!
How they ring, like the diamond rings
bringing us all the way to immortality!

How they ring, how they tinkle
give a call and a clatter of hooves
How they rattle, croak and chortle, and buzz
how they jingle, clang and sound, and sing
as if Earth bounced all the way to paradise.

Here I am, my friends, I, Cat the Poe
here I am for you all, O' friends
and I welcome you all, I, Cat the Poe!

Cat the Poe ! by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra 28/03/2016
All Rights Reserved


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