‘ One Day! ‘
by Thaddeus Hutyra

One day I will fly
to Proxima Centauri b
red dwarf star 
Proxima Centauri.

One day I will fly
to all the seven 
Earth-sized worlds
orbiting a cool dwarf star 
known as TRAPPIST-1.

In all respect 
to Elon Musk
it won’t be 
on one of his Space X rockets
not even in my lifetime.

Yet I say I will
for by I
I mean us all
now, in the future
and… in our afterlives.

So the story is
my starship
will be the light!

One day, one day, one day!
One day, my friend, one day!

One day I will visit
numerous other worlds
in the spider’s web 
of the cosmic stars.

Busy time it will be
and otherworldly.

Shroud of freedom
will be mine
never to be taken away!

One day I will even
enter the multiverse
Parallel worlds
and other universes
shall open their gates to me.

Yes, one day, one day, one day!
One day, my friend, one day!

Don’t ask 
how I will manage it
There will simply be
many possibilities
once the core inventions
will be done.

Nothing is difficult
when you are a soul
There are no obstacles
no borders!

Yet in earthly life
it’s matter factly 
something else.

Pioneering is needed
in quantum physics
and other sciences.

Then there come 
of teleported humans
and any objects
into the molecules of light
many more things.

Once it all 
will be achieved
light will be 
the fleet of spacecraft

So don’t say no
for nothing is impossible
in this life
or afterlife.

O’ one day
I will do so much
All the universes
will be 
within the reach of I
as my own
inner universe.

One day, one day, one day!
One day, my friend, one day!

‘ One Day! ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra February 2017
All Rights Reserved

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