' Love and Peace '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Auriferous you are to me
outstanding, just one out of millions
for my heart is on fire
burning softly
but deeply.

Just enter my home
there in the depths of my heart
You will see it all
the Earth and the Universe
and us on the meadows. 

There are million of reasons
I want you and only you
Let’s bounce back
any boomerang
that’s not ours.

All those lovers 
in the world
what an art!
Masterpiece, divine one
the Biblical canvas!

Bad romance
that’s not for us
Water under the bridge
even less so!

For the heart of mine
or the heart of yours
are the key
to our home
Magics in the making!

What is between you and I
is not only fifty shades darker
but also fifty shades lighter
We are savoring it all!

I have no issues
about the differences
Emotions top your list
mysteries of consciousness
and quantum physics
top my list.

Party monsters we are
free in ideas
birds of freedom
high in our own skies.

On the meadows of our hearts
there is place for everything
Sparrows, larks, hummingbirds
crows, ravens, even eagles
are the Woodstock of our hearts.

Love and peace 
is what is in our hearts
Both our hearts
are one heart
that very special one
of our union
never ending honeymoon
one lasting for life!

‘ Love and Peace ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra​ February 2017
All Rights Reserved

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