by Thaddeus Hutyra


Perhaps it is the dawn of the galaxy 
but is it your own dawn, our own one ?
Just look around at all the havoc
and you can perhaps see the real picture

Every time I listen to the news
my blood runs cold, my body is shivering
all those never ending miseries
a wicked laughter into the face of God

Wretched, caricatured devils, instead
enjoy their maddening dance
a Techno one in a deadly night
at the expense of the Earth’s agony

My goodness, where are we all 
at the time of the final countdown
piercing twilights
and the free fall into the jaws of the hell ?!

Don’t you see those orphans
walking among the fires of war
left alone, dying on our eyes
their final countdown?

Don’t you see those prisoners
at the mercy of the devil
one who swallowed human souls
and turned them into the killing spree ?!

Don’t you see all those crazy guys
calling ‘ Allahu Akbar ‘
before committing crimes
clearly the ghosts of the the cuckoo's nest ?!

My Lord, it is the final countdown
all the way to the hell
No mercy and not any chance
to reverse the fall

Or perhaps there is one if we unite
at the hour of this final countdown
Say no more to wars, no more to crimes 
begin the dawn of the Earth, dawn of love

‘ FINAL COUNTDOWN ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 08/02/2015
All Rights Reserved

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