' Loving Hearts '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

I am your heart, my love, my sweetheart
your heart and only your heart
Special one, out of threads of light 
braided by spiders of love

Unlike so many people around
with hearts of stone, unfortunately
I am a rare man, a very rare one 
with my heart in the right place, loving you

My heart is my song, as much as your one
a song about hearts, two loving hearts
I wish you are my bosom friend
dear to my heart, loving you heart

To wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve
is the art of life, art of love
Open your heart to me, my babe
I am your sweetheart, believe me

My heart beats like mad
every time you’re passing me in the street
Stop torturing me this way, please
don’t let me die of sheer despair

My heart beats with hope
every time I am dreaming about you
Fulfil my dreams, my babe
let me join you and love you passionately

My heart beats with joy
every time my dreams are climaxing
We’re both on a golden bed
in a ship on the vast waters of Pacific

I can tell you in all conscience
I am a heart of gold
a man after my own heart
a perfect candidate for two loving hearts

Losing you would be heart-rending, heart-wrenching
I would die at an instant
Open your heart to me, please
let me be your sweet partner for life

I wish I can touch you to the heart
see you coming to me, even running to me
giving yourself to me wholeheartedly
never ever leaving me again

Only then, I can tell you candidly
I shall be happy again in my heart’s core
Know it I love you, I desire you
I am saying it from the bottom of my heart

I don’t intend to warm myself
into your heart as if I were thief of hearts
neither win your heart
by false promises and lies

Be mine, forever mine
my sweetheart, my sunshine, my starlight
for all the rest of our lives
Let’s become caring partners for life

I can assure you we will be two loving hearts
the most normal in the world
No need to be rebel hearts, any rebel hearts
just two loving hearts, with babies loving us

‘ Loving Hearts ‘ by Thaddeus Hutyra 
© Thaddeus Hutyra 31/01/2015
All Rights Reserved

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