Oh, lionesses of Iran !


Oh, Neda, Sakineh,
Shahla, Delara, Soraya.
Innocent, the angels of Iran !
You who died young to be alive forever !
Being sunshine of Iran, and rain, and the wind !
You, the queens of colors and sounds !
Oh yes! You will all be reborn
to witness Persia coming
out of the centuries' chains,
and out of the cracks in the walls of Iran,
via the Heavens Gate !
And through those killing Sharia stones !
Oh, Delara, the prisoner of colors !
Oh, Soraya, the angel of freedom !
Oh, Shahla, the muse of love !
Oh, Sakineh, a simple woman !
Oh, Neda, an innocent victim !
Oh, Nasrin, the lawyer for human rights !
You are all tunes of the philharmonic music,
a Manifesto of Liberation of Women
and a gateway to a new life, wide open !
You are the new Iran,
sparkling in the rays of stars !
Coming back to what belongs to you !
You, the reborn women of Iran !
You, the lionesses of Iran !!

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 Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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