' Love is a Fireball '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Do you see the vanguard painting
hanging on the wall ?
With plentiful lines in all angles
and all the colours of the world’s art ?
Don’t be afraid, enter it
you won’t be a maze runner
in a labyrinth with no exit
nor the November man
but a man of all seasons
a lover in a desperate search
for a woman you love
Love is though a fireball !
Just look closely now
at all those dimensions upon dimensions
realities upon realities
surreal worlds entwined with the real ones
worlds ruled by their own gravity laws
so unworldly at times
ours at other times
emanating with beauty of all times
amaranthine !!

Shake it off, your inner strengths
and look closely with a courage
at all those streams of thought
all blissful and relaxing
emanating like enchanting wands
from within those worlds
the iridescent worlds
shining with their own lights
Don't fear, never fear to find her
Love is though a fireball !
What you do see there
wonders upon wonders
dreams coming true
anything your mind ever engulfed
subtle breezes of wind
clouds on celestial skies
starships disappearing in far universes
or perhaps into the deeper worlds
a carousel of godly images
playing endless symphony
for you and angels
a music of love
a music of life

You’re wondering now 
within all those worlds
confident, ‘cause you’re a hot boy
who broke free
in a rescue mission for the woman you love
Love is though a fireball !
A new flame engulfs you
a flame of inextinguishable love
You must find her, you know it
Look closely now, you see her
Your woman you love, you adore
is dancing in the wind
in some transcendent environments
among evergreen trees of delight
iridescent blooms of passion 
scintillating petals of felicity
and sweet honey drops
in all their abundance
She is dancing in the wind
your enchanted princess
filled with joys of love
joys of dreams
joys of desires
joys of bliss
joys of life

Yes, she’s dancing in the wind
no matter which world in
falling from one dimension to another one
yet another one, and another one
Never mind, just dance
life is though a dance !!
She is dancing, dancing
dancing in the wind
filled with joys of love
Look closely yet again
she’s dancing now
in her own house
on the cliffs of Oriental Bay
She’s entering her bedroom
falling into your arms
The skies are full of stars
playing melodies of love
while all universes melt into each other
forming the painting you saw on the wall
You're having her this time
firmly in your arms
knowing you shall never let her go
Love is though a fireball !!

' Love is a Fireball ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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