Twilight or not
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Twilight of my being
twilight of my life
twilight of my heart
twilight of my soul
twilight of my mind
twilight of everything I am
And how not to shiver
how not to fall down
into an abyss
of the Titans
to destroy oneself
and get in peace
with the twilights
I am dealing with

But why not
the other way round ?
Goodness of my being
sunshine of my life
strong, pulsating heartbeat
my soul an elixir of life
my mind demanding
wanting more and more
me going for it all
till I am sure I have done
everything I wanted
till with my last breath
I am at peace
with myself
and the world

I search to the core
of my mind and my soul
I look at this world
at people around
and I discover
the starship of it all
freedom, of course
freedom of the individual
and liberty of us all
I look through
a window of a plane
flying high at night
there are stars
shining and shimmering
far there away above me
but also far there under me
on the continents
the plane is just passing
and I discover yet again
we, people, are also stars
on our Earth
in our Milky Way galaxy
and the whole Universe
We are part
of the God's design
part of the many dimensions
the known ones
and the unknown ones

" Twilight or not "
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra , April 10th, 2013
All Rights Reserved

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