' Angel of the Day '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Angel, lost angel of the day
falling down from the blue sky
Poor angel tries to catch the rays
the way as spiders are doing it
by forming celestial spiderwebs
one after another one
from the rays of the sunshine
Spiderwebs follow spiderwebs
but seem to be too weak to hold
the weight of the angel
The effects are effulgent displays
of the Sun's rays
as if Mozart played his best

Millions and millions
billions even and billions
of the celestial cobwebs
threaded out of the Sun's rays
seen and heard
as a symphony of skies
symphony of Heavens
gifted to the human kind
And among the brilliant threads
the angel of the day
catching each thread
but falling and falling
He can already be seen
by a naked eye
certainly by the eagle eye

Fallen though
the angel hits the ground
Wings broken
unable to fly back
where his home to
How incongruous is his new situation
among those calling themselves humans
too rude to each other
using means of force too easily
murdering even
as if with no soul
no humanity
no feelings
no values

Angel, lost angel of the day
has no other choice
as to get rid of his heavenly wings
and walk towards those
calling themselves humans
His heartbeat is nearly getting to its stop
out of agony
out of stress
out of fear
out of the knowledge it's not his place
strange and ruthless
so much unlike Heavens
although not yet as hell

Yet once among humans
he has a chance
to see through different windows of reality
unlike the window to Heavens
This world is built on relative standards
what's true for some
untrue for others
what's rightful to some
unacceptable to others
what are the norms to be followed for some
never to be followed by others
contradicted with their own norms
clash of civilizations

He runs out onto a field
filled with symphonic rays of the Sun
and orchestral performance
of both Earth and the sky
He opens his arms
out of sheer despair
and … bewilderment
'cause the heartbeat of this world
becomes his own heartbeat
as if a mysterious sorcerer
threw a curse on him
No, he is not cursed by Heavens
no, this never can't !!

What a transformation !
He knows it all now
all the things concerning humans
He feels them all 
he feels it all
strivings to happiness
in spite of all miseries
determinations to change this world
and let goodness to win over evil
soulfulness of men and women
trying their best
being fathers and mothers
not only lovers

The heartbeat of the world
beats in accordance with his own heartbeat
Earth and Heavens seem to be united
at least for the moment
all this love
all those romances
all those smiles
all those yearnings
all those whispers
all those embraces
all those family meetings
all those church attendances
and bells sparkling, twinkling and ringing

The next sequence is altogether different
He, the angel of the day
is rescued by fellow angels
Rising into the sky
and far beyond
He feels his heartbeat
filled with love
towards those calling themselves humans
despite their flaws
There is finally nothing else left
but a music of the Sun's rays
conducted by him
the invisible angel this time
angel of the day

' Angel of the Day ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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