' Echoes of Love '
by Thaddeus Hutyra 

Must I be Shakespeare to express our pure love
one which was definitely greater than life, our elixir
our magnum opus, transcendental and everlasting

We had it so good, enjoying each other seductively
best friends and lovers, or frivolous lovers and friends
difficult to say what was first, or rather both at once

Our love was the Sun splashing us most brightly
and the shimmering stars at fully luminescent nights
sending us ethereal kisses of genuine love incessantly

Our love were beautiful people smiling at us warmly
wishing us all the goodwills there are in the world
and we ourselves, fully united in each other as one

Everything was in place, rightfully and blissfully godly
flawless rivers of honey, seas of boundless beauty
biodiversity serving us as we doing our best for her

Our heartbeats were one, our souls as much one
two human beings, man and woman in celestial love
embraced it seemed forever in our destiny together

But when you went unexpectedly one sunny day away
with no goodbye at all, not even a word of farewell
it was the end of the world for me, so much Hamlet alike

Stars crashed down on Earth the next moonless night
and I was swept fast away by raging tides of the sea
a castaway on the ocean, in its full and ghostly storm

I was myself a vulnerable bottle with a message inside
saying I love you till the end of the world and beyond
the bottle filled with the tears of my despair, your lover

And the scintillating echoes spread across the world
like the Brazilian tango on the Copacabana beach
just a walking distance from charming Rio de Janeiro 

The echoes and echoes, and echoes, and echoes
like the Argentinian tango in elegant Buenos Aires
like the sparkling Parisian tango of truthful lovers

The echoes of tangoes, tinkling, hissing and ringing
whistling, buzzing, rattling, whizzing, jingling like bells
gorgeously dynamic on the streets and in the ballrooms

The echoes never ending, in the breezes of winds
blowing ecstatically across vast lands and continents
and under the rhythmic and pulsating symphonic skies

One had impression one saw mysterious Amazons
on wild galloping horses, with manes like wings 
seeming to fly in the air but these were just echoes

Echoes of love, passion, desires and ethereal dreams
but above all of the thundering iridescent tangoes
the tangoes of love, dreams which came true, of life

The rhapsodic tangoes in every corner of this world
Oh, long live romantic love, long live tangoes of love !
May dazzling echoes spread you across the world !!

Love yourselves to your best, dear amaranthine lovers
spread your sensual love to every single individual
This world must become a planet of love, now !!

Dance in the various tangoes, madly whirling tangoes
Not only Argentinian tangoes but also salon tangoes
English tangoes, NeoTango, all the tangoes there are

Forget the sorrows of daily life, the ups and the downs
Give in into the rhythms of hilarious music and dance
and you shall see your loved one is back in your arms

What dances of love they were, exuberant, rhythmic
dances of superb tangoes, dances of diverse echoes
dances of enamoured lovers, dances of the entire world

The fulfillment of the symphonic skies with a conductor
of the Beethoven's Appassionata, Chopin's waltzes
the absolute Opus Magnum, victory of amaranth love

Do you remember I was myself a bottle in the ocean
Picked up one day by no one else as the one I loved
on a beautiful beach belonging to stunning Aphrodite

Reunited, we danced tango to the heartbeat of love
two great lovers who were lost for some troubled time
rediscovered by all those tangoes and echoes of love

Oh, play us angels music of tangoes, music of love
play to the various tangoes there are in the world
May echoes of love, echoes of tangoes last forever

' Echoes of Love ' by Thaddeus Hutyra 
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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