' World Cup Tango '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

' Messi, Messi goal, Messi, Messi goaaal ! - John was in ecstatic state
' Oh yes, goaaal ! Argentina's got goal, Argentina is winning !
Hurrah Messi, you're great ! You're champion, Messi ! I love you !! '
He shouted in a frenzy way, dancing before his home cinema screen
This World Cup of 2014 had already many iridescent hues
more and more scintillating, feverish, in pulsating rhythms
of the crowds on many Brazilian stadiums and millions before TVs
supporting their teams in vivacious ways, a vibrant world orchestra

He was so much hypnotized by what he watched
he didn't noticed what was happening behind his back
He didn't have to bother at all, cos his home was peaceful
and above all, he had most loving girlfriend, a striking blond beauty
Yet when some enormous shadows got more visible it hit his attention
He turned his head to have a quick look and what he saw
nearly paralyzed him, all his blood streamed down to the floor instantly

His Marion, a blue eyed girlfriend he had already for months
stood there at the door with two enormous luggages
She did wave goodbye to him, the expression of her face sorrowful
He jumped out of his armchair and ran to her, he then tried to embrace her
but at no avail cos she turned violently away from him
' Marion, what is it? Where are you leaving to ? ' - He managed to say
' I'm leaving ' - there was her firm answer, a sad expression in her eyes
' But why? What did I do so wrong you want to leave me '
He was still in shock, looking at her disbelievingly

What she told him next made him shiver over and over
' You did care for me before this damned World Cup
telling me I am your muse so full of iridescence as the stars
a river of honey never leaving my body in which you love to swim
your other half as the oceans and the continents
as the lands and the air, as planets and most distant stars
and finally you swore you shall drink the elixirs of my body
and of my feelings, even of my own soul daily and nightly
till the end of the world, far beyond our present lives
when our souls shall leave our bodies and never split again
cos they shall dance endlessly in the infinities of the Universe

You said I'm your symphony, the amaranthine symphony of love
Appassionata of Beethoven, piano orchestra of Chopin's polonaises
Mozart's, Brachm's, Dostoyevsky's philharmonic, even some operas
the sweetest ever music in your ears, in your mind, your body
your heart, your soul even, our transcendence larger than life
What haven't you whispered yet in my ears all the time
making of me Aphrodite of all times who left her waters of Pacific for you
a princes projecting ethereal Valentine's hearts, pulsating wild
to the rhythms of our eternal love, as great as fascinating is this Universe
And now? You have forgotten me for your football idols !
Well, stay with them, enjoy them. But I leave. I don't think you love me '

' I love you, Marion, that's true. I love you so much, believe me '
But she just shrugged with her arms and answered:
' No, that's not true !! Everything I hear are some strange names
which you even whisper in the depths of your sleep, calling them even out
Rooney, Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben, Thomas Mueller, Neymar
Cahill, Dempsey, Gervinho, Giroud, Campbell, Origi, Vargas, Ayew
Oscar, Klose, Fellaini, Ronaldo, Suares, Messi a moment ago
See, I can mention so many of them, despite not knowing any of them !!
Tell me now, have you whispered my name even once
since this World Cup is began ? Not even once, damn it !
No, I can't stand it anymore, I leave you, have a good time
with your idols, call their names any time you want, even in your nightly dreams !! '

John couldn't believe what he heard, he realized things gone wrong
definitely wrong, much too much to his own making, however unnoticed so far
How couldn't he ever know it she might have disliked what he did
She wasn't a fan of football and he should have known it
and above all, he shouldn't have turn all his attention to the cup only
she should have remained at centerpiece of his attention
' Oh, Marion, I'm so sorry, I didn't really realize I was wrong
but you know I love you the most, nothing else can match it

You know I am a fan of football, now especially during this World Cup
but I am ready to give up watching TV for you, no more World Cup
but stay please with me, don't leave me cos if you do it
my heart shall bleed to the bitter end and I am no longer part of this life
not even part of the celestial world either cos I'll be falling down some abyss
despairing my loss greater than anything to bear, a bitter end, indeed
in all the dimensions there are, far beyond the earthly grave '

His plea ended and he waited now for her reaction, while the time stopped
Strangely her gaze shifted from his face to the TV and back to him
then yet back to the TV, her eyes more and more wide open, mouth open too
out of a complete bewilderment, from boundless admiration
He turned his head to the TV too and what he saw bewildered him as well
there was an action scene from the first World Cup match being shown
of a player in the air shooting a header goal, a disbelieving video image yet true
' Is this the flying Dutchman ? ' - she asked, with expression of wonder on her face
' Yes, it's him, a very talented Dutch striker shooting lots of goals for his team
but how do you know ? How do you know this, ' the flying Dutchman ' ?

She bursted with laugh, her sparkling laugh echoing across the house
' How do I know? From your nightly dreams, my Teddy bear !
You screamed ' Flying Dutchman ' sometimes a dozen times at your night dreams '
‘ Perhaps I dreamt about the other Flying Dutchman, the legendary ghost ship
over which there were so many stories ? The ship lost in oceans
which is doomed to sail the oceans forever, glowing with ghostly light ? ‘
he joked but she reposted fast: ‘ You’re too preoccupied with football, John ’
They continued to look at the clips of the brilliant Flying Dutchman
which were shown over and over, to the delight of John's girlfriend
These video images have blown all the way into her heart which blossomed
like a flower of paradise in the garden of Eden and turned her instantly into
a platonic lover of the flying Dutchman, yearning to see him in action yet again

Both were laughing now aloud while he embraced her tightly around her arms
Then he whispered to her: ' I'll shall no longer watch any football for you, my love
That's a far less loss to me than losing you, my darling, please stay '
Her reaction was stunning, she just reached his mouth with her mouth
and kissed him passionately. ' You know ' - she said - ' This flying Dutchman
has poured some enormous heat into my heart, I have suddenly got interest
in what is happening in that football event, I want to see more
wishing to see this flying Dutchman again, and other footballers as him '

John just kissed her once more and pulled her to the armchairs before their TV
He let her sit on his knees and they watched the continuation of the football match
and when Messi, the player of Argentina shot yet another goal
they both cheered enthusiastically, both embraced this time by the Cup's fever
They realized World Cup wasn't necessarily something what would divide them
On the contrary, it cemented them closer to each other, letting them enjoy as one
whether at splashing rays of the Sun or at sky full of stars, the amaranthine stars
inviting them to keep their kisses comin', never regretting, loving every moment

Days passed then after days in a similar fashion, the fever of the games
Both cheering the many teams in the World Cup, enthusiastically
watching them playing in famous Brazilian stadiums
from the Arena de Sao Paulo to Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte
Fortaleza, the stadiums of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia
' Neymar, Suarez, Thomas Mueller, Messi, Guillermo Ochoa
Robin van Persie, Arjen Robben, Fellaini, Peralta, Cesar
Oscar, Sanchez, Benzema, Balotelli, Miroslav Klose ‘
Many other names echoed far from the walls of their villa
far into the neighboring streets of their village on the outskirts of a large town
the village of the rich and poor neighbors, businessmen or not
who also were catching fever of the games sooner or later

The World Cup fever was getting its apogee, but the climax wasn't yet on horizon
All the fans of football were supporting their players feverishly
New heroes were evolving, both national and internationals
as those in the past, Pele, Maradona, Beckenbauer, Ronaldo , Johan Cruyff
This time they were James Rodriguez, Tim Krul, Kevin de Bruyne
Sneijder, Martínez, Gervinho, Angel Di Maria, Andre Schurrle, Gotze
Sergio Romero, Cillessen, Toni Kroos, David Luiz, Sergio Aguero
many more and all heroes, the daily shooting stars above Earth
Brazilians got their thriller when they learnt Neymar was out of the cup
because he's got fractured a vertebra in his spine, caused by a Colombian player
but the cup went on as the world goes round, to the heartbeat of us all

The end of the World Cup was a display beyond anything imaginable
the whole world dancing to the tunes of the World Cup finale
celebrating the final victory of the winning team, best in the world
There wasn't one even man or woman who wouldn't stop their daily activities
to watch the Argentinian-German encounter and get bewildered
by the magics of Messi, the king and of the team of fenomenal German strikers
making of their finale play a show splashed by wonders of a sorcerer's wand

Oh, play footballers, play your hilarious football, delight us all !
Play us tango, the sparkling tango of the World Cup 
You're our celestial symphony playing us softly but vivacious in our ears
all the great masterpieces of the Heavens and the Earth
the symphony of Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Penderecki
the most stirring music of rock and roll, pop, rock, House and Techno
You're our stunning and vibrant images rolling on day and night
making us dancing to your tunes, the tunes of your football shots

We all are giving in to the feverish fever of the World Cup
never to be forgotten, a scintillating music till the next World Cup
and set of events written down in history by a golden pen
You're lettin' the days roll, you're lettin' the nights roll, on and on
we're all football lovers, shooting for love in our starlit empire of football
and we're all one, we are one, ole ole ola, ole ole ola, ole ole ola !
Long live the World Cup fever, long live the World Cup !!

And then the World Cup was already over, euphory still in the air
John and Marion walked arm in arm alongside a long sunny beach
Their love got new dimensions, attaching wings to them
thanks to which they could fly high in the skies, enrich their emotions
At one point John stopped and kneeled before her
' My dear Marion, marry me please. ' - he whispered passionately
Her face radiated brilliantly at these words, her eyes shined the most
' Yes, John, I want to be your wife. ' - she answered him
He took her then into his arms and what followed
was a kiss they never experienced so intensively so far
the kiss of true love while the skies played an angelic music
to the tango they performed on the beach while kissing each other
They were now part of the tango of the unforgettable World Cup
the tango which engulfed the whole world with a message of love

' World Cup Tango ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright©Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved

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